Poem Series 1!

My Journey

As a little girl, I started with a dream,

But, I learned that life is not so easy as it seems.

As a teenager, I learned to take risks,

Sometimes, the stakes were high, and encounters with failure were brisk.

As a professional, I learned to abide by the rules,

I even learnt to deal with the fools, without losing my cool.

As a wife, I knew the meaning of love, care and share,

When we knew each other’s every smile and even every tear.

Then, came the most precious phase of my life,

When I became a mother, while fulfilling my responsibilities of a wife.

Since then, the most beautiful face, kisses and smiles at me every day,

Who makes to live to the fullest, and keeps my pains at bay.

But, there was something always amiss in my heart,

Something which I forgot, but it was within me from the start.

Rediscovering that lost talent in me, I set off on a journey as a writer,

It completes me today, and helps me to see the side of life, which is brighter.

I was wrong

I went to the park with a heavy heart,

Impregnated with the sadness and pains, which were not ready to part.

I sat on the bench with tears in my eyes,

All the beautiful dreams I believed in seemed like lies.

I was to give up on everything in life, and fail,

When someone reminded me that life is a big ocean, where I have to sail.

I saw the leaves fall on the ground and flown by the breeze,

The winds took them, and landed near a little girl’s knee.

She was making a castle in the sand,

The leaves found their place on the tower, and they looked grand.

Suddenly, I saw a little boy crying aloud,

He had fallen off the swing, while trying to follow the clouds.

His mother came and lifted him up from the ground,

And said, life will be full of challenges, but never let your spirits down.

I heard the birds chirping high up on a tree,

They were trying to build a nest, and they had a message for me.

The winds blew away their twigs every time, but they kept trying,

Soon, they succeeded to find the right place after a lot of flying.

I got my lesson for the day,

That never give up, and there will always be a way.

Everybody needs to keep trying, as giving up is the end,

I was wrong to think that I was done,

I got the message to face life, that the universe had sent.


Prompt 1: The Cycle

We all have to live through the circle of time,

Sometimes, enjoying the distortions, and sometimes the rhymes.

Season will some and go, leaves will wither and dry,

But, the caterpillar will eventually become a butterfly.


Prompt 2: Meet

The sea meets the sky at the horizon, but nobody knows where it is,

The shores are nearer to us with lights to guide, which our heart never sees.


Prompt 3:   Same Day

I saw your lovely face among the blossoms in the balcony,

When I was riding on my cycle down the river on a summer day.

Years went by, the cycle is broken, the flowers are new,

The river still flows, the only thing missing is you.


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