Poem Series 2!

I Shall Overcome

I had a perfect life, I had whatever I wanted,

But, little I knew that I will soon be hunted.

They took away everything from me, and left me defeated,

I was treated as a pawn and my fate was cheated.

I was about to give up, and accept my defeat,

They left me so weak, that I could not stand on my feet.

Then, a friend helped me to escape my fate,

I decided to take my revenge before it is late.

I knew I had to teach them a lesson,

So, I prepared myself to start on a mission.

I met both friends and foes on my way,

Some wanted to help me out, and some wanted to prey.

But, I was determined to take my final stand,

And, a game of chess helped me to win, as planned.

Finally, I achieved my goal and made justice prevail,

I knew I would win, If Tomorrow Comes.

(Based on If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon)



I left them one day to give my life a direction,

I thought, I needed to move ahead to achieve that perfection.

I walked a long way, all alone, and thought that success was near,

I achieved a lot, applauds and appeases, at the cost of my loved one and dear.

I thought I was the happiest person on Earth at the peak of success,

But, there was no one to share my happiness with and no one to bless.

Gradually, I understood how lonely I am in the journey of life,

My loneliness cut through my achievements like a bleeding knife.

I became richer by laurels and medals, but poorer by relations,

Everything seemed to unreal and full of calculations.

I yearned to go back to those who care; “take me back”, my heart screams,

Because I realized that home is the starting point of love and dreams.

Collaboration Poem

Will no one tell me what she sings?— 

Perhaps the plaintive numbers flow 

For old, unhappy, far-off things, 

And battles long ago;

(The Solitary Reaper by William Wordsworth)

But, it is better if I don’t understand the song,

Because I love the rhythm and I can sing along.

Words might give the tunes a different meaning,

It might be something very sad or demeaning.

It can be emotions of happiness too,

Or some painter describing a beautiful view.

The music was soothing to the ears,

It brings both a smile and also tears.

Let me enjoy the notes without the words,

Mother Nature is enjoying too, and even the birds.


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