Poem Series 3!


The Wheels of Peace

The wheels of peace are not moving and they are still,

Because, people are busy to destroy and kill.

There is no one to steer the bus,

Everybody thinks someone else will do it, and this creates a fuss.

Love can heal the world and get the bus rolling,

But, people even kill in the name of love and God,

People do not see their real self and that, they are so flawed.

We all want peace, but fighting on who will be the first to board,

No one wants to take the first step, because all are in fear of the sword.

Body and Soul

When you touched my body  with your warm fingers,

My heart of ice melted, and the feeling still lingers.

When you kissed my lips, with your sultry lips,

But, that feeling when you leave, and my heart rips.

When your warm hands caress every inch of my body,

The touch that I can find out, among everybody.

When you hug in my your arms, and sing to me,

I re-discover myself and it sets my soul free.

Every night, I yearn to be with you,

I realized our love as our relationship grew.

But, my fate takes me to different hands every night,

My body is with them, but my soul is in search of light.

But, when I see your face, smiling back at me,

I forget the pain of the life I chose,

Because, with you, I can be me, just ME.

The Awakening

She was born with a fate that she could not deny,

Her stints with happiness were short,

And her encounters with pain, she could not defy.

She wanted the answers to so many questions she had,

What was her fault of being born as a woman?

Why was there so much disparity and why life treated her so bad.

She hoped to find solace in her soul mate’s arms,

But, again luck was betrayed, when he turned out to be unfaithful,

And, she tried in vain, but could not have him with any of her charms.

But, the day, her daughter was born was her rebirth again,

She vowed that her child will have a different fate,

It was her promise as a mother, and her reincarnation as a woman, strengthened by pain.

I Wanted To Be A…

Life is full of different people, and I wanted to play a few,

I wanted to be an actress of the reel life too.

I wanted to touch so many hearts with emotions,

I wanted my stardom to be like a magic potion.

I wanted to express so much through my characters,

I wanted to be famous like all the other actors.

I wanted to travel across the seven seas and to every corner of the world,

I wanted people to know and respect me, as my talents unfurled.

But, every morning, when I wake up from my broken dreams,

I realize that I have come a long way, very far than it really seems.



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