Poem Series 4!


Will You Remember Me?

When the battle is over, we will soon part ways,

But, I can never forget the times we spent together in those days.

We faced every bomb, and every bullet together,

You have tagged along with me in every battle, in every weather.

You have saved us so many times, and helped us survive.

You have sniffed every danger, and saved so many lives.

Will you remember me, buddy, when the war is over?

Will you miss me in those times, when we might meet never?

I will miss your wet nose, snuggling against my face,

You were our sole entertainer back at the base.

I will miss those paws on my hand, and you licking my injured leg,

I will miss every woof of yours and your every bark,

I will miss the weird conversations we used to have in the dark.

Will you also miss me, my friend, when I am gone?

Because we might never meet again, right after dawn.

A Full Circle

Age is a number, which you cannot hide,

It always keeps rolling, in time and tide.

And, Age is a number, which takes you ahead,

It keeps growing inside you till you are dead.

But, Age is just a number, which cannot stop you,

From dreaming and living, how much ever older your grew.

Yet, Age is a number, which keeps us going,

It teaches us skills to keep our life flowing.

The Cooking Call

I look at the vegetables, and they look back at me,

I keep thinking what to make of them, and they keep smiling at me.

I look at the spices, and they have so many stories to tell,

How hey blend with each other to make aromas and smell.

As I hear the crackling and steams coming out,

I gradually understand what cooking is all about.

When they taste my dish, and gives a pat on the back,

I am assured that I am on the right track.

Now, I love cooking and the touch of raw ingredients,

I love to work with recipes and all the experiments.

I know when it is my cooking call,

Know I enjoy doing this above everything all.

Day12 (1).jpg

They All Miss You

Do you remember those pink flowers that I got for you every day?

You used to put them in the metal vase, and put by the side of the doorway.

Do you remember the radio and the first time I brought it home?

How we enjoyed listening to it, when it played ‘The Promise’ by When In Rome.

Do you remember that embroidered tea set, which I got for you?

Which you loved so much, and kept it as almost new?

Do you remember those chocolate pretzels, you made?

You always kept a few aside for me away from the reach of Jade.

Do you remember, my love, the good old days that we spent together?

When we were young, and spent every weather with each other.

We grew old together, but you left me too soon,

I miss you my love, but every afternoon,

I sit on the same chair, with all those things, which reminds me of you,

Only, you are not there beside me,

I look at your picture on the wall, and guess, that you must be missing Us too.







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