Poem Series 5!

The Empty Glasses

The wine glasses on the table reminds of those days,

When friends and family came together to celebrate always.

I think about the merrier times, I had spent with my friends,

When we raised the toast, and used to set the trends.

I remember when the family gathered to celebrate,

How we used to enjoy our conversation over drinks, I remember till date.

As life has moved on, friends and family have left me alone,

Now, no one comes, and no one to call my own.

The glasses are empty and they have aged too,

But, I keep them in the cupboard as if they are new.

I clean them everyday with a hope that someone might come, someday,

We will again drink and rejoice, and make merry once again like the old way.

When You Came

I was looking for a miracle in my life, when you came along,

You were like the breadth of fresh air, and a Nightingale’s beautiful song.

I was looking for a way to give life a meaning of its own,

You came as my guiding light, and a new path was shown.

I was looking for something to live on,

You came as my strength, and my belief of a new dawn.

You came into my life and brought happiness and joy,

You taught me to dream once again, to live and enjoy.

You came as the turning point of my life, which I was waiting for,

You came as my child, and I could no have asked for more.

The Rains of Passion

They met in the drizzle, and shared one umbrella,

But, when it began to pour, they ran in the shade,

He knew that the clouds must have conspired, and the Gods must have played.

They stood apart, and she was cleaning her wet clothes,

When the thunder struck, and it brought her close.

He could see the passion in her eyes too, when the lightning shined,

The storm has been in their hearts too, just hiding from their messed up minds.

The shelter became their nest, and the monsoon became the witness,

The petrichor bore the proof of their love, with a fragrance of sweetness.

The raindrops touched their bodies and their souls,

When they discovered each other in a new way,

Their eyes spoke the words, their lips could not say.

Sipping on a cup of hot coffee on a rainy day,

A blind poet’s imagination weaved a love story in a passionate way.

The music behind gave company to his thoughts,

The rainfall of emotions within him, helped him connect all the dots.

The Warm Hug

Every night, after I cuddle into bed, your warm hug is all that I need,

Your warm touch on my skin in the chilling weather, is all what I plead.

Every winter night, I yearn your comfort, when you are on top of me,

I can’t share you with anyone because you are dearer than the hot tea.

I love when you touch me every chilly night with your soft embrace,

I want to keep you close, and pull you up to my face.

You are my winter love, oh my blanket, you are so warm,

You are hot and cute, and keep the chills away of any form.

The Descent

I rise with the sun to start my day,

But, my fall every night in a different way.

A different ‘Me’ rises when the dusk sets in,

When I enter a darker world to play the dirty game of the skin.

I rise with a pure heart and soul every morning,

Which gets torn to pieces, every night,

When they throw money at me, and my heart is left morning.

But, deep inside I know, what all this is worth,

I have so many responsibilities to handle and pay off life’s debt,

To achieve my dreams at sunrise, I have to step into darkness every sunset.





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