Signs of a Bad Preschool!

After home, a school is where your child spends a lot of time, learn a lot of things, and communicates in a lot of ways. It is like their home away from home.  Hence, it is very important that they get a positive, healthy, and learning environment in school. And, pre-school being an important foundation for your child, it is very important to choose the right one for them.

It is the first time when your child leaves the security and warmth of a home environment and gets introduced to a completely new and different ambience. It is the first time your child leaves you, gets to know new people, and tries to adjust in a new environment. And, most of the parents get skeptical about the kind of preschool, they should send their child to, or whether the preschool authorities are taking proper care of their child or not. So, it is very important to investigate, research and gather as much as information regarding the preschool before enrolling your child. It is also important to identify the signs of a bad pre-school and take a conscious decision. If you have already enrolled your child in a pre-school, which you feed is not good, you need to take immediate action and rectify your mistake.

5 signs to identify a bad preschool are as follows:

Bad Reviews and Lack of proper Curriculum:  Bad personal experience can lead to bad reviews. Hence, if someone had given a bad rating or feedback about the pre-school, then something must be really wrong or the person might have faced it. And, probably you cannot totally ignore it. So, read the reviews and then assess. If you are not clear about the curriculum or you do not receive the necessary information from the school authorities about it, then you need to reconsider your choice.

Underqualified Staff and Major attrition: The people working in a pre-school matter the most than anything else. Because they will interact, communicate, teach and take care of your child, they need to be caring, compassionate and calm. And, the most important thing is being qualified for their respective job profiles. If that is missing, the entire learning process goes haywire. Sometimes, they try to manage with underqualified teachers or staff, but it is not beneficial for your child in the long run. Moreover, the attrition rate of good teachers can be high due to less pay scale, which can lead to frequent changes of teachers.

Less interaction: In the pre-school stage, it is like a combined effort of both the teachers and the parents to bring out the best there in a child. So, a constant interaction between the two is very important. So, if you feel that the pre-school is not clear about activities, or giving information, or answering your queries, then you need to opt for a different one, both for the sake of your child and yourself.

Expired License: Proper affiliations and approvals are important criteria while choosing a pre-school. So, if you get to know of a pre-school, who is operating without a proper or expired license, you probably need to raise an alarm and inform the necessary authorities for corrective action.

Improper facilities: Finally, loopholes in facilities is a major drawback for the failure of any pre-school. So, before taking a decision, visit the pre-school and check their facilities, hygiene norms and other things that are important for your child like proper playing area, food hygiene, safety measures, etc.

Since pre-school is the basic foundation for your child’s education and also his/her personality in a way, you need to be very very cautious. A wrong impression, a harsh interaction, an unpleasant incident and small things that you might ignore, can leave a long-lasting impact on your child’s mind. So, be very careful when you are choosing a pre-school because most of them try to promote and market them without actually implementing a lot of things. And, another important thing is to never ignore a call of caution by your child.

As a parent, it feels like a big task to let me go and face the challenges of the external world. So, make sure they start at the right place and grow in the right hands.


Image Courtesy: MummyCenter

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