MINI MOMENTS for Others!

The Dilletante Authors


The old is so white, and the new is so bright,
The new is so verbose, and the old is so quiet.

The old is so painful to remember, and the new is so evident,
The new is so confident, and the old is so hesitant.

The old is filled with memories, and the new is brimming with moments,
The old is like a friend, while the new is a sworn opponent.

The old is like knowledge, and the new is a leap of faith,
The new is too fast a pace, while the old is out of breath.

But, we are not to ignore the old, nor avoid the new,
For the old is where we started, and the new is where we grew.


He reached the hotel after a tiring day.
Board meetings, revenues, growth charts- being a VP is not easy.
His five-star dinner awaited him in his room, but he longed for something exotic. He drove to an ice-cream cart on the road, just round the corner and ordered his favourite Choco-bar.

The simple things give the greatest joys in life.

-Debolina Coomar


The Writer’s Nest




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