MINI MOMENTS for Others!

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Following the Stars
– Debolina Coomar

I followed the stars with a hope in my heart,
I knew they would take me to you, after the night set us apart.
I look at the moon every night, whether it has a message from you,
I knew it sees you every day, wherever you are and hope it can show me too. I loved the cold wind touching my skin every night,
I knew it had your smell, assuring me that you are alright.
I loved the twilight, which lit up my spirits every night,
I knew it was a sign that you will come back someday, healthy and bright. Where I reached had all the answers because the stars led me to you, It is a place called heaven, where you were waiting for me,
I am all dressed like a new bride, ready for my groom to start something new.


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4 thoughts on “MINI MOMENTS for Others!

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