The Other Side of Pen – an anthology of poems!

The Other Side of Pen, a poem anthology by Moments Publishers (PRashant Gandhi), edited by Heena Joshi and compiled by Priya Vyas, which has 9 of my poems (on different themes), is very close to my heart. Thanks to the entire team for this opportunity.This book had wonderful poems from talented fellow poets.

I dedicate this one to my parents, my in-laws, my daughter and especially to Mithun Ghosh for his support and motivation.

You can purchase this at:…/ref=pe_386221_37038301_pe_194751_296…

In case you read, please do drop in your feedback, which will always help me to improve.

The titles of my poems are as follows:

  1. Who Are They?
  2. The Creator and The Destroyer
  3. I Promise
  4. The Colors of Life
  5. Sending Smiles Across the Miles
  6. Fair Enough
  7. What Travels Fast?
  8. A Purer Soul
  9. The Stranger

These are spread all over the book, theme wise. 



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