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Half Baked Beans














50 Words


Dilletante Authors




Dear Dad,

I could not be the son you always wanted. But, filling your shoes today and walking your dreams has made the daughter, you have been proud to see.

Carrying forward your legacy,
Your daughter.
(CEO and MD)

Clicked by: Ishita | Caption: Debolina


“I wear a white saree on my body because you left me a widow, but I adorn the colour of pink in my heart because you showed me the colours of life.”

Clicked by: Richik | Caption: Debolina


Dear Abandoned House,

You know a lot. Our first kiss, our first date, the day I proposed, the passion we shared and the way you left me too.

I am burying my memories and my soul too. If he ever comes back, tell him that I waited and his promise is still due.

– Debolina


God gave us the open canvas of the sky.
Yet the wires of technology make it difficult
for us to enjoy when we look up high.

But God does peep in every now and then
He sends us the sunshine of hope and the
showers of happiness time and again.

– Debolina


When you look out of window to see a world which is difficult to cope,
The blossoms on the barren branches give you a new hope.

– Debolina










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