BergerPaints-IndiBlogger Meet, Bengaluru : a fun-filled afternoon!

December 10, 2016 was a fun-filled affair for both me and my daughter, Aakriti. As a part of IndiBlogger, I was invited to the Berger Paints-IndiBlogger Meet at The Lalit Ashok in Bengaluru. And, I must admit, it was one of the best bloggers meet I have attended till date. It had the right mix of information and fun, presentation and activities, and above all a great platform for connecting and networking with fellow bloggers from the city and the IndiBlogger team.


The event started with meeting people and communicating over a sumptuous lunch. Then, we all gathered in the banquet hall for the event. It was kick-started by Anoop with the usual enthusiasm and fun element that always reflects in his personality as well. This was not a big gathering and only selected people were invited, so it was a cozy environment and we were all excited about an awesome afternoon.

After a short warm-up, we were told to get ready for an ice-breaker balloon game. It was really something unique. We had to tie balloons to our feet and burst the ones tied to other’s feet and the last man standing was declared the winner. It was fun with all the foot stomping and running around. Well, it was a last wo-man standing.


There were continuous contests going on Twitter, and some of the tweets were mentioned for introduction from the owners. After a short round of intros, Chandranath Banerjee, from Berger Paints group gave a short presentation about the brand, especially about their new venture known as the Express Painting. He was short and crisp with the information and told us about the different aspects of Express Painting. We were also shown the adverts, which were quite informative.

Check out latest TVC here –

Express Painting Success Journey –


He also spoke about the following benefits:

  • 40 percent faster than traditional painting
  • Trained painters for efficient and better painting
  • Get sparkling results with our no-mess tools
  • Cutting-edge vacuum suction-enabled sanding machines keep your house dust-free
  • Better coverage and smoothness guaranteed each time
  • Our certified tools ensure a better finish with high efficiency
  • All these benefits and more offered at no additional cost

Anchor text: Express Painting

For detailed information on Express painting, you can visit:

After a short QnA session, it was time for fun and games. A few people were chosen as team captains and were asked to choose four members to create a team. The first activity was the Sanding job. We were given a plank of wood with white paint, and we were asked to make smooth by dusting it with sandpaper. We were given necessary gloves and masks to protect ourselves. It was a tedious task, yet a fun one too. We, as in Team Aakriti (named after my daughter) won among the first two teams.


Then, we were given a small break, where we were shown the different machines and gadgets used for Express Painting and how to handle them. Also, there were different paints and beakers displayed on the table for the next interesting activity.

Impromptu quizzes and Pic of the Day contests were going on. So, there were lots of tweets and social media promotions that were happening during the event. Even, I managed to win Amazon gGift-card for one of the pictures that I tweeted.


The last activity was the Painting Challenge, where teams had to choose between four themes and use Berger Paint and related accessories to paint a picture depicting the theme. Our team chose – Colors of India, and with so many talented people in the team, we came out with something nice. My daughter was also trying her hand at painting and drew something of her own. Special care was taken that the place is clean during the activity and to lessen the mess as much as possible. Then, each team was asked to present their picture and theme on the stage.

Every team had something unique to present and show. It was great fun as we enjoyed every bit of the activities. Finally, we were all thrilled to do the Mannequin Challenge for a min and it was awesome. Last, but not the least the IndiBlogger hooting ritual and a group picture to end the marvellous show. Though, our team did not win, it was great being a part of the wonderful group.

Before leaving, we were also handed over goody bag from Berger Paints and IndiBlogger T-shirts. I always wanted to own one and I simply loved it.

It was also great when BergerPaints tweeted about how Team Aakriti won hearts.


It was a great show, well-managed, well-conducted and as always, full of fun and excitement. Met a lot of old and new bloggers, had great conversation, and of course had loads of fun. Kudos to both Berger Paints and IndiBlogger for this endeavour. And, looking forward to many more fun-filled blogger’s meet in the future.

Since, we are moving to our new flat early next year, we are looking for painting deals as well. So, getting information about this was a big takeaway for me from this event. 

Signing Off,


About Berger Paints – 

Berger Paints India is headquartered at Kolkata, with 10 strategically located manufacturing units and about 110 stock points. The company also has an international presence in 4 countries (Nepal, Bangladesh, Poland and Russia). With employee strength of above 2800 and a countrywide distribution network of 25,000+ dealers, Berger is acclaimed as a game changer in the sector with a vibrant portfolio of paints and tailor-made customer services in every paint segment.

The Company has another SBU – British Paints. For details, please see




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