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“The Sky was blushing with passion when the Mountains tried to kiss her. The Earth was smiling too and Nature bore the signs. The young couple in a small house felt the love too, but they kept looking outside the window, mesmerized with the beauty.”


“We like being in a bouquet, but we love blooming on the trees. We love the smell of soil and the strength of our roots. We love being close to Mother Nature.”

Dilletante Authors:


*The Canvas*

The sky is a blank canvas, which is painted by God every day,

He takes the palette and brushes, and put in the colour in His own way.

Sometimes, the bright sunlight enlightens us with rays of hope,

It has so many meanings, and makes our mind an emotional kaleidoscope.

Sometimes, the dark clouds cover the sky like mysterious veil,

It has so many shades, and so many tales to tell.

Sometimes, the white clouds have stories of their own,

Either, a flock of birds listens to them, or sometimes, an eagle all alone.

The sky is a like a human with a pure and beautiful heart,

Where God paints the emotions of love and happiness, right from the start.

– Debolina


You didn’t walk the aisle when I was broke. Now, I stand at the end of the long way, breaking with success. But, I guess the road to reach me is going to be tough for you this time.

– Debolina

You come to the zoo to see me and all the others,
but my caged spirit never motivates me to dance in my coloured feathers.


Dear Puberty,

Are you ready to handle ME because I am ready to take you head on, not only with my sensual body, but also with my sensible mind?

A nubile teenager with the right attitude.

– Debolina


Dear Abandoned House,

You know a lot. Our first kiss, our first date, the day I proposed, the passion we shared and the way you left me.

I am burying my memories and my soul too. If he ever comes back, tell him that I waited and his promise is still due.

– Debolina

The veil of darkness is not as scary as the darker shades of human mind. Some souls walk on the path of good and others lurk in the darkness and are difficult to find.


 Like the source of energy on the canvas of the sky, the blazing sun shines so bright

The vermilion bindi of an Indian woman gives her strength and shows her the light.

– Debolina

As dusk was setting in, someone shot a bullet. The sun went down, the birds went haywire and Nature was unsettling. A life lost its essence once again. A village where the poor were just another game for the zamindars, life was yet to see the rising sun.


God gave us the open canvas of the sky.
Yet the wires of technology make it difficult
for us to enjoy when we look up high.

But God does peep in every now and then
He sends us the sunshine of hope and the
showers of happiness time and again.

– Debolina

“Today, I beg on the streets on which I dream to drive my own car someday. Today , I bear the hardships to fulfill those bright dreams in my eyes, someday…”
Picture by Subhadip
“From far across the street, a man caught my attention. He seemed very unhappy, something was bothering him and probably Life hasn’t treated him well. Then, I saw a small ray of sunshine fall on his wrinkled face.

I wanted to walk up and say, the Jewish proverb, ‘A little bit of light can push away a lot of darkness.’ But, then I stopped myself. I guess this wasn’t the right time or the right situation. My mind kept pondering over those words.”

Picture by Tapabrata
 “The wheels and hoofs traverse the same road, but still a moving car slows down to the heritage of these carriages in the heart the city. Higher horsepower doesn’t always mean you need to rush in the journey of your life, you can always spend some serene moments of togetherness in these carriages driven by the rhythmic slow trots of the horses.”
Picture by Tapabrata
“I have been waiting too long for you. You had left me all alone here, in the search of our destiny. With the hope that you will come back one day, I adorn the colours of desire, both on my body and my soul.”
“I did not leave you all alone, my love. I came to a bigger world, but with lesser opportunities. Here, things are not so easy like I had thought. I will come back one day, with a bouquet of dreams for our better future, I promise.”
Pictures by Richik
‘As I was crossing these colourful miniature statues, I guess I heard the owls whispering – “Never knew daylight was so strikingly bright that it can also keep our eyes wide open. We are enjoying watching you as well, people. Don’t go by our expression. 🙂 And the colours of the sunlight are so more exciting than the darkness of the night.” I just could hide my laughter- in my mind.’
“As I was walking towards these exhibits, something from my childhood popped up in my mind. I remember playing with my friends around the bamboo bushes. But in the city, the only bamboo art we see are these vases, which decorate out houses. It reminds me of the creative transformation of Nature’s resources in the hands of humans. Amazing isn’t it?

Eventually, I got one for myself too.”

“I was lost, in the middle of a human crowd, I was lost. Then, I a saw a saviour in white. I asked the policeman about the right direction, and without even looking up, he answered. As I was about to leave, my son on my lap whispered, ‘Baba dekho, cartoon akchey.’ in a hurry, I didn’t even notice the wonderful doodling he was doing on his notepad. I stopped for a moment to tell him that it is great to see a policeman pursuing his passion, when he is not working. Thanks to the men in uniform, who keeps the city safe, and us too.”
Pictures by Aritra Munshi

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