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Dilletante Authors


I drop my daughter everyday to school and pick her up. There is a beggar near the gate, whose gaze always made me uncomfortable.

One day, I got late and when I reached, my daughter was not there. The beggar was not there too. I panicked. Suddenly, I saw both of them sitting in the tea stall across the road. My daughter was having a biscuit. I learnt that she was hungry so the beggar took her there, and that my daughter everyday gives some food to him. This was his payback.

The hands that beg to take something, can sometimes give happiness too..

– Debolina


I was dressed in the colour of every emotion like a young bride, waiting for my groom to bridge the distance between our hearts. We were both trying to hide the turmoil of feelings, but the ripples in the water told us that a beautiful journey is about to start.



A new you, a new me,
A new journey, new dreams to see.

New faces to welcome, preparing to take new roles,
New roads to traverse to reach up to new goals.

New spells of emotions that you will bring,
New stories to make and new songs to sing.

Bidding goodbye with memories in the heart, to 2016,
With arms wide open, we welcome a new odyssey in the year 2017!


Kolkata Chronicles


Image by Subhadip Biswas

“They walk on the ropes and climb up the poles. Every Sunday, they entertain everyone. People come from far and wide to see their tricks. It’s both their professional and passion to perform. Everytime the day and time remains the same, the only thing that changes are the faces in the crowd. They do not know the people who clap for them, but they know how to make them happy and amazed.”


Image by Richik

“A lonely soul in the heart of the city. Maybe he was missing someone- his wife, his children, his grandchildren or maybe his friends. Or maybe he was there enjoying the essence of celebration at Park Street. Guess no one is too old for the tunes of jingle bells or Santa Claus is coming to town. Age is never a factor for celebrating the memories of life.”



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