Book Review : 15/1 Story Avenue by Avishek Gupta

Short stories are like a stress-buster for me. They take immediate effect and they can cater to any emotion. They can be funny, horrifying, romantic, sad; any emotion, a human might feel. And, the beauty of short stories is that it keeps you engaged till the end. However, this depends a lot on how tactfully the author has approached the genre or theme, and how easily his/her content relates and connects to the reader(s).

And, Avishek Gupta has done a good job in his latest release, 15/1 Story Avenue. It is a collection of 15 soulful stories, which will evoke a myriad of emotions in you. They are simple, day-to-day concepts which can happen to anyone. It was a ‘relaxing’ read for me, as I could easily connect with the characters. Overall, I liked what I read in 15/1 Story Avenue and kudos to Avishek for this wonderful read. In many instances, the language was funny and witty.

What I liked: The language is simple, and easily relatable. The flow of the stories was easy to follow and each one ended with a thought or emotion or answer for the reader. I also like the cover image and the description. Keeps the reader wondering what’s inside. The words were properly spaced and the font was easy to read. The social angle in a few of them was also intriguing and makes the reader ponder on it.

My favourite ones: I particularly like Mandroid and The Stupid Bug called Love. They had an unexpected twist, which I always cherish in a short story. Even, The Perfect Photograph was a nice one because it depicted something, many of us might have come across. The thought was beautiful.

Cover Image of story- MANDROID


What I expect: I would love to read from the author. I look forward to read more in different genres like satire, humour, horror (in case, the author wants to explore). The shades of romance and social norms have come out well, and I am sure, Avishek will surprise his readers with a greater variety next time.

My rating: 4 out of 5. I loved wandering in his Story Avenue, enjoying the stories on my way.

Wishing him more success and best of wishes for his upcoming endeavours.


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