Book Review – The First Trillionaire by Sapna Jha!

Sometimes, a story starts from very simple, mundane things in life, but gradually it unravels unexpected twists and turns and takes you to a climax of intense emotion. You get so involved that you don’t want to miss any moment of excitement. Well, this is exactly how I felt when I was reading, The First Trillionaire by Sapna Jha. An intense plot with an excitement at every corner kept me glued to the pages.

The First Trillionaire is a story of a small town girl, who has big dreams and bigger fortune waiting for her. Her fate was decided much before she was born, but God probably chose a twisted path for her to achieve what is truly hers. There are many aspects of the plot, which have been entwined tactfully to engage the reader till the end.

A village girl becoming a trillionaire by inheritance- WHY and HOW? Well, it wasn’t an easy journey for Shail, but slowly and gradually, her fate took her towards her destiny. And, all along her immense belief and devotion to Ma Durga kept her alive. This is a gripping storyline, which you have to read to believe that how a simple girl from India became the center of attraction for the world, including terrorists and foreign media.

What I liked: The language is simple, easy to follow and relatable. Yet, the richness of words at places are commendable.  The imagery at places is noteworthy. The characters have been aptly introduced. No unnecessary characters were introduced. And, their individual stories were also complete and there are hardly any loose ends. The words properly spaced on the pages, which makes it easy to read.

The cover design is also eye-catching and impressive.

My favourites: I liked how the author has connected the characters of the story. Also, I liked the transition between fiction and reality in places.

What I expect: At places, I felt the situation could have been a bit more descriptive. Certain ideas seemed a bit vague to me, so I was left to make my own assumptions. In the end, the donation decision was a bit hard to digest, but I guess Olivia had all the reasons to do so. Overall, I enjoyed the plot as a work of fiction.

My Rating: 4 out of 5. The plot will keep intriguing me, whenever I think about Shail and her journey in my mind, whether somewhere, someone is really waiting to be the first trillionaire.

Wishing Sapna more success and best of wishes for her upcoming endeavours.




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