If parents behaved like us – Hmm, let’s not even get there!

The latest video from FilterCopy in collaboration with Furlenco, doing rounds on the social media is a hilarious gig on how parents would behave if they turned into social media addicts like today’s so-called young generation. It went viral within a few hours. Well, though it is funny, I found it alarmingly scary as well. We as social animals are socially addicted to the social media. Well, whether it is good or bad, is a separate debate altogether.

Let me share a small incident on what happened when I tried to behave like my daughter.

Now-a-days, often we hear that ‘become your child’s friend’, ‘understand your children being in their shoes’ and similar things, but when you try to actually follow it, things can get a bit messy. So, I decided to act like her. Well, let me clarify that my daughter is a toddler, and when I say I wanted to act like her, I meant more of throwing tantrums or crying unnecessarily.

Well, this was a good plan gone wrong. The next time my daughter threw a tantrum, I also started imitating her, but alas it didn’t help. She looked at me for a while, and asked my hubby, “Why is mommy behaving like a kid?” The situation and scene is equally hilarious like the one in the video. But, it didn’t do any good.

I pondered upon it, and realized, do our kids really want us to behave like them or they just want adults-to-be adults? And, trust me when it comes to justifications, they still clench to our own mindsets and feel we are right at our own places.

I guess more than ‘becoming friends’, we need to understand each other from where we are. The ad definitely talks about the actions and reactions of the role change, but somewhere I felt, it missed the lesson that children will be children, and parents need to stay as parents. I feel they expect someone in that authoritative position, someone to look up to, and someone to rectify when they are wrong.

Parents and children share one of the most beautiful and delicate relationship, which needs to be as it is. We do not need to encroach into each other’s space. And, don’t our children learn a lot from us?

Well, not really. I believe that ou children don’t want us to be like them, and neither should we want that. It is like understanding the limitations of each generation and accepting it to find a way forward. The issue depicted in the video is a serious one, though presented as a humorous satire. And, we need to understand the underlying truth.

Parent-child relationship has different phases, and we need to prepare ourselves for it. At this point, I cannot miss mentioning another ad by Tanishq, which beautifully depicts father-daughter relationships across religions. Relationships have been like this for ages, and should be like this, I believe. The emotional connect grow when you are different, and not same.

That’s cool enough I guess!



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