My Experience at VLCC (Courtesy: WorldOfMoms)


Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.” – Erno Laszlo.

This is what I realized after a session at VLCC, Indiranagar, Bangalore. At my age, skin care is very important in order to rejuvenate it from time to time. But, being the mother of an extra-energetic toddler and a ‘working from home’ professional, the ‘commitment’ part becomes really difficult. So, when I got this complimentary VLCC package from WorldOfMoms, I was elated! Finally, I was going to enjoy a nice and peaceful massage after ages.

I went for a complimentary facial on Saturday, March 11, 2017. World of Moms had scheduled the appointment for me, and it was such a pleasant experience! I was warmly greeted by Debarothi and Malhar at the VLCC center. As I was waiting for them to prepare my room for the facial, they took me for my body composition test.


The machine recorded my height, weight, and other parameters and generated a neat little report instantly. I was given a personalized counseling session based on my report, and what my ideal parameters should look like. The different VLCC Slimming and Weight-loss programs were discussed with me. I am glad that this test was done because I could see the real picture of my health, which most of us women tend to ignore due to lack of time and because we get tied up with responsibilities, especially after motherhood.


Next, they took me to check my skin type so that an optimum facial treatment could be decided upon. The analysis informed me that my skin had become quite dry, mainly due to lack of proper care. Soon, I was introduced to Rama, who did my facial.

She inquired about my skin, and what kind of facials I have been doing. Based on my requirements and preferences, we decided to go with the Clarifying De-Pigmentation Facial called Envia from VLCC. It was to remove pigmentation and dark tan on the skin, giving it a fresh look.


Rama gave me a really good massage, using proper techniques and strokes; it was really comforting for me. She kept asking intermittently whether everything was going okay – whether the pressure was fine, if there was any burning sensation, especially because my skin was sensitive. She did not leave my side through the entire treatment, and there was no lag in her step either. We also had an amicable and pleasant conversation, where she told me how my pigmentation can spread if not paid due attention to at the right time. She also briefed me about the different therapies and treatments I can take at VLCC for my skin and hair.

The facial took almost an hour. I also availed a few other services. The rooms and sheets were clean and everything was very well-maintained . The ambiance of the place was also nice – there was a pleasant and sweet fragrance in the room, and light music too. Overall, the feeling was really relaxing and soothing.


The complete package worth around INR 2500 was complimentary on behalf of VLCC and I got this opportunity through WorldOfMoms. I am really thankful to both of them for this enriching and relaxing experience. I walked out with a lovely, refreshed face and of course a nice experience.


I would recommend all my friends to try the VLCC beauty and slimming packages because they truly deliver quality, and results can be seen outright. Skin care is very important, not only from the beauty perspective, but also to stay healthy and refreshed, both from inside and outside. So moms, do take out time from your busy schedule and commit yourself to a skin care regime.



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