Day 1 of 3-Day Quote Challenge

It is always exciting to to do something new, innovative and different. And, if it a fun challenge, then it gets more intriguing. Thanks to Madraasi, for nominating me for the 3-Day Quote Challenge.

Our hearts want to say so many things, but we sometimes fail to express them. Quotes are nothing, but ordinary words depicting what ordinary people feel. It’s just that someone says it first and the rest seems to relate to it. So, why wait for someone else to say, just express your feelings in your words? And, this endeavor is a platform for doing just that.

In an attempt to express what my heart feels, I created my first quote for the challenge:

Picture Pun35

The thought behind: One of the biggest roadblocks to our success is we, ourselves. We tend to suppress our own self-confidence or the power within to believe that We Can Do It. So, start believing in yourself and let the world see in what you believe. Start loving who you are and what you do.

As a part of this challenge, I will nominate 3 fellow bloggers to continue this endeavor by posting their favorite quotes from a book, movie or any anywhere else or it can be their own for the next three consecutive days.

I will publish my nominations on Day 3 of this challenge that is on Wednesday. Looking forward to some great thoughts in coming days.

Keep yourself glued and keep juggling your thoughts.

Signing off,

See you tomorrow with a new thought…

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