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Review : Harappa- Curse of the Blood River by Vineet Bajpai!

In recent times, a new breed of readers have evolved who love reading about history, mythology, symbolism and mysteries of the past, present and the future. Authors like Dan Brown, Devdutt Patnaik, Ashwin Sanghvi have consistently given us wonderful and gripping novels in this category, and the readers have simply loved them.

Harappa – Curse of the Blood River by Vineet Bajpai comes from a similar genre, and I loved reading it. The back and forth narration between modern times and the Harappan civilization. It reminded me of Chanakya’s Chants and The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi.

Vidyut Shastri, a man from Delhi, his ancestor, Vivasvan Pujari from Varanasi, and a stranger in Paris- all joined by a thread of mystery, illusions, secrets and revelations. The narration is so strong that I was able to visualize the era and the incidents. The storyline is gripping and keeps you engrossed until the end. It evokes some questions in your mind and takes you through wonderful character interactions, conversations and explanations till the end. This tale of Gods, Demons and Humans is a must-read, which takes you on an incredible journey of ambition, violence, emotions and secrets over time and space.

It was truly a pleasant read and one which I was not able to put down till I finished it. However, at times, I felt that the explanation or intricacies could have been a bit detailed, but I am sure the author has put the things in the flow of the story. The evolution of the characters was wonderful, and it was easy to interpret the different times with the imagery that was created.

Overall, it was a great read and I would recommend it to my fellow authors, who love this genre. Harappa – Curse of the Blood River is a spell-bounding piece of work from Vineet Bajpai, which keeps the reader glued to it till the end. I wish to read more of the author’s work and wish him success among his contemporaries.

If the mysteries of historical importance intrigue you, if the concepts of time and space interests you, or if you simply want to enjoy a suspense thriller, then grab a copy and you will be totally thrilled in the end!

Overall Rating: 4 stars

You can purchase the book (Paperback and E-book) from:

About the author:

Vineet Bajpai is the founder and CEO of Magnon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He is a professor of strategic e-business and management information systems at Skyline Business School. He has also authored many other books. He has won many laurels and accolades for his work. You can take a look at his website for more details:



The Significance of Kaalratri – BananiVista!

An Indian marriage is not just one day of the ceremony, but a series of important day with their own significances. It is not just about binding two people but uniting two families in a long-term relationship. It is not just doing some rituals, but about believing that these will have a positive impact on the lives and well–being of the newlywed.

Kaalratri is a significant ritual in a Bengali wedding. Know more about it and why it is important in my article for BananiVista.

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Review – TOTS AND MOMS, organic homemade baby food in India!

As a mother of a toddler and a fussy eater, feeding is a mammoth task for me. After every meal, I am always worried whether she is getting the right nutrition or whether the food was enough for her. The entire time she eats, I can hardly make her sit in one place. And, that is one of my biggest worries.

I am sure mothers like me always want some wholesome food for their child, where even if they are eating a bit less, they are getting enough nutrition. Amidst this dilemma, I came across homemade and healthy organic food options from TOTS and MOMS.


I tried a few of their options, and I am really impressed. They have a range of health drink mixes and other organic mixes for infants and toddlers, which have the goodness of natural ingredients like almond, millets, Kesar, etc. Sometimes, kids don’t want to the nutrition nuts and other healthy food in their raw forms. These health mixes are a great option for them. These can be had with either milk or water.

Moreover, these are really good for pregnant women and new mothers as they contain a lot of important healthy ingredients. They dissolve easily and they can easily consume. They have been made to taste good so that kids can drink. And, the best thing is that these can also be consumed by adults. There are so many healthy and nutritious ingredients that you will love to have them on a daily basis (even if you don’t like the taste of a few of them). If you are looking for organic homemade baby food, TOTS AND MOMS is a must visit.


I tried a few of them, and here are a few pointers that I really liked:

  • Each product has a unique mix of healthy ingredients.
  • Really good for children as they are organic with no added preservatives.
  • The packaging is really nice. The airtight pouches are easy to store. The outer packaging is eco-friendly.
  • The healthy values and facts of the ingredients are mentioned on the pack along with nutrition count.
  • Usage and Storage instructions are properly mentioned, along with the age group.
  • Some of them can also be taken by adults in a cup of milk or warm water.
  • Their range of vermicelli and noodles for small children are also nice.
  • It mixes easily and the texture/taste is nice.
  • They also have Combo Offers and Trial Packs to suit different needs and requirements
  • The pricing is reasonable and shipping is very prompt.


Take a look at their website,, where they have other useful sections like the Recipes, Baby Food Charts and Blog. This is one of the best portals to buy organic homemade baby food for kids in India.


You can also subscribe to their FB page for regular updates:

Contact Information:

Phone Number- +91 888 444 7337

Email id-

TOTS AND MOMS was started around three years back by Kavitha Prashanth, mother of a toddler and an Entrepreneur. As a mother, she understands the pain points of providing the proper nutrition for children, which is the most important thing during their growth and developmental phases.

Having faced difficulties with her own child, she started with simple homemade foods like porridge, purees, etc., and then moving on this endeavour, which has been a successful venture. Today, TOTS AND MOMS is a household name for many in providing healthy food options for children. They have a good customer base and their business has been growing through references, and of course, for the quality they deliver.

Kavitha Prashanth

Wishing the team a very prosperous journey ahead!

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