Book Review – Army Girl Steals Civilian’s Heart by Oswald Pereira!

This is a very light-hearted romantic novelette which takes the reader up and down through different emotions. Truly, Amrita and Oscar belong to different worlds, but their love helped them create a unique world of their own. The love musings are nothing new, but the innovative narration makes it sound refreshing and delightful.

I loved the way the author has handled the emotions of the characters and presented it to the reader. Simple, mundane things also felt like a whole new experience. At places, I felt that the narration could have been a little more descriptive or illustrative, but still, I loved the balance throughout.

The plot, the characters and everything was like watching a real-life incident with real characters. Overall, it was an amazing afternoon read, and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I would like to recommend it to my fellow readers as well.

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Book Review – The Hidden Spark!

Sometimes, when you are seeking answers to your problems in life, someone becomes your teacher, your guide and your Guru to help you find the truth and lead you on a path of happiness and peace.

The Hidden Spark by Vikas Trivedi and Smita Agarwal came into my hands at the right time when I was looking for motivation in life. An amazing book of true stories, experiences, and advices that truly helps us understand the tidbits of life. Each chapter has simple, easy-to-understand teachings, facts and information. At the end, the self-introspection snippets are also very useful.

But, the best thing that I liked about the book was the real-life stories. Many times we just ignore such inspirational or motivational books because we do not want to believe. But, when we read about real people, real problems and real solutions, we start believing.

This book is not just about ‘telling’, but it is about ‘showing’. The book talks about realistic solutions to real life problems we face day to day. This is one inspirational book, which is not boring rather very easy to interpret and implement. It is about rekindling that ‘hidden spark’ we all have within us.

Reading this book will help you identify your self-worth, motivate you to follow your dreams, boost your self-confidence by helping you choose and help you learn from other people’s experiences. Written by two great mentors, this book will surely help you to find the right direction in life.

As mentioned before, the language is easy to follow, maybe a bit of illustration at places might have helped, but overall this is a wonderful and practical book from these Indian authors, which will keep you glued to the pages. Every chapter is a new learning, a new perspective so you can read it in phases as well.

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The Sarodiya Style 2017 – Youniquemag!

The Durga Puja is back, so is the fashion fiesta for Bengalis. Like the diversity in idols, pandal themes, designs, event, etc. Puja fashion also keeps changing every year. And, Bengalis just cannot wait to flaunt their new outfits, specially chosen for the Pujas. Our Puja shopping starts way before the festival and it becomes a ritual for many. The planning, the trends, the shopping, the choices, the whole thrill around Puja fashion is just too exciting to handle.

If you visit the shopping hotspots in Kolkata before the Pujas, you will probably understand the craze and charisma of Puja fashion. Well, Bengalis have been doing it for ages, and will continue with their love and passion for dressing up for the Pujas.

I am sure all of you must have already planned your wardrobe for the five days, and you are on a shopping spree. Here are a few quick, trendy tips that you can try out on this Puja:

Go Bold, Try a top with plunging neckline



Try boot cut or stripped or patterned jeans

img-thing (1).jpg




Go ethnic with Kalamkari Anarkali

Try an A-line top or dress

Get trendy with printed tunics

These are just a few new fashion tips. Apart from these, there are so many options in both Western and Ethnic wear that you can pick and choose to make your own style statements.

Choose colours, patterns, accessories, hairdo, makeup, etc. to look your best and to enjoy the essence of Durga Puja in every respect.  Go for simple to gorgeous to the sexy look according to day and the occasion.

I am sure you must be busy planning your attires for the Puja or browsing through latest fashion trends for some last minute shopping, of course, that’s on top of your priority list. Thanking you all for taking time to read this article.

And, for all the fashionistas out there, dress in style, wear trendy fashion, and enjoy Puja 2017 ‘in fashion, with fashion’ like never before.

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Hope – Half Baked Beans!

#fanpost by Debolina Coomar

The day I confessed my love was your wedding day. You were dressed like a bride, like a beautiful flower ready to bloom. When I saw you in that glittering attire, those flowers adorning your hair, that jewelry on your body finally found their true worth, and of course that big bindi on your forehead reminded me of willpower and conviction. It has been a year now that I have known you, but still, I haven’t been able to confess my love.

And, how when you are getting married, I must tell you how I feel.

As you walked towards the mandap, I saw you looking down, your eyes full of tears, but I have always seen them brimming with confidence.

As you walked past me, I saw your lips quivering with shame and pain, but I have always seen them eloquent with determination.

As you sat in the mandap. I saw your beautiful face hiding under a veil of worry, but I have always seen it shining high with courage and poise.

But, do not let your worries mar this moment of happiness of your life.
Do not let the memories of that fateful night ruin the most precious moment of your life.
Do not let the men, who had shamed you that night lower your happiness quotient on this auspicious day.

I know the man you are getting married to, will accept you, love you, support you for who you are inside, and not just what you might have become outside.

Now, the rituals are over. I decided to confess my love, finally. I moved closer to you, and whispered into your ears, the words I didn’t say all this time, “ I love you, my dear wife.”

The day I confessed my love was OUR wedding day.


Survival – a short story (Toiwriteindia)

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