Wonderkid Interviews- NewsShuttle!

It was a pleasure talking to these Wonderkids on behalf of NewsShuttle.

  1. Aditya Ramchandani

2) Mehak Sharma

3) Sanchaya Ghosh

4) Riona Joshi

5) Ruhi Thakkar

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LI’L FOLK FESTIVAL at KLAY Preschool and Daycare, Brigade Signature Tower!

Li’l Folk Festival on march 3, 2019 was an amazing event for both parents and their little ones, held at Brigade Signature Towers near Budigere Cross by KLAY Preschool and Daycare.  There were a variety of activities from Block Printing to Folk Songs and others. It also marked the launch of this center which became operational from March 5, 2019.

The main attraction was definitely the Folk Puppet Show which totally enthralled all the toddlers. They thoroughly enjoyed the show. The event had various activities planned for the kids so that they can enjoy their time there and also for parents to network and see the facility.

The parents got a chance to walk through the facility and resolve their queries while the little ones were busy in different games and fun things. It was an well organized event and good opportunity for the parents to explore the facility.

Here are some snapshots from the event:

To know more about the KLAY facility and its offering, you can read this:


I wish all the best to this new facility and hope to see it cross many milestones and get good reviews.

KLAY PreSchool – A Perfect Choice For Parents!

Every parent is skeptical when it is time for their little ones to step into the big world – away from the safety and care of their homes.

Parents who are both working look for a good and reliable preschool and other parents look for a place where their child will learn the stepping stones of life, be active social and enjoy their the years of their growth and development.

One such trusted name when it comes to preschool is KLAY Preschools and Day Care. They have centers in all the major metros of India at various locations. They are one of the most compliant pre-schools with no franchisee. They have won several awards in the category and is a name that is loved and trusted by parents.

Their latest center is at Brigade Signature Tower, adjacent to Brigade Golden Triangle. This center will be operational from March 5, 2019.

Here are some highlights of the center:

  • Easily accessible fro nearby apartments like Prestige Tranquility, Pruksha, GR SunVillas, Golden Triangle etc. They will provide bus service within 5 Kms. The buses/vans have GPRS system along with female attendants.
  • The classes are spacious and equipped with CCTV Cameras. The parents get access so that they can see their child from anywhere anytime.

Spacious Classrooms

  • All classrooms have finger guards installed in the door to prevent any accident. Every classroom has fire extinguishers, away from the reach of the children
  • They are specially designed learning modules for different age groups which help to nurture skills of a child. Their activities are designed to nurture both the physical and mental abilities of a child. They do not encourage screen time so most of their activities aim to enhance different skills in a child.
  • Their play area is well-guarded and spacious. Every class has a separate play time to avoid any congestion and better monitoring

Play Area

  • Their student to teacher ratio is well defined so that every child gets proper care and attention according to their age groups. Kids are encouraged to eat on their own, however personalized care is take in special cases. Attendants are assigned 24by7 for every class and always monitored by the teachers.
  • The restrooms are clean,y maintained and kids are assisted.
  • All their staff are trained periodically and has to pass through a strict background verification process
  • Every aspect of the facility has been planned, executed, implemented and approved keeping the safety and developmental norms of the children.
  • There is a corner changing room in every class for the day care which is under surveillance.
  • Parents get access to an online app where the daily food intake and other information is updated for them to see and review.
  • Kids are only handed over to the parents or authorized personnel with the ID card issued by KLAY.
  • They are a cute library with a variety of books.


They will run the following programs:


Junior Toddler: 15 Months onwards | (9 am – 12 pm)
Senior Toddler: 2 Years onwards | (9 am – 12 pm)

Pre-K: 3 Years onwards | (9 am – 1 pm)

K 1: 4 Years onwards | (9 am – 1 pm)

K 2: 5 Years onwards | (9 am – 1 pm)

Day Care

6 Months to 10 Years

They offer full-day and extended daycare facility for children between the ages of 6 months – 10 years. They have a small kitchen in the facility. However, meals are not prepared there. In case, you wish to avail their food, they can arrange to get it from their centralized kitchen in Whitefield.

Their kitchen in the facility

After School Care

Upto 10 Years

KLAY, in collaboration with expert partners in various areas, brings to you an unparalleled After School Daycare program for older children who attend formal schools and are looking for an extra-curricular program after school.

Infant Care

The program is for babies aged 5 months – 15 months. There are cots available for nap time and also a feeding station if mothers want to breastfeed their babies. Three cots are available and the walls are padded for extra safety. Age specific and safe toys are used.

Enrichment Program

Klay offers a broad range of enrichment programs that are developed and conducted by trained professionals in their respective fields. The programs are designed to develop critical thinking and encourage creative expression. The enrichment programs vary by geography and centers.

To mark the launch of the Brigade Golden Triangle, they have an amazing engagement program on March 3, 2019 Sunday. You can find the details in the poster below.

If you are looking for a preschool and day care in and around this area, this would definitely be the perfect choice. Make sure you visit the facility to check it yourself. You can directly contact their toll-free number for a walk-through.

Here is a small video which show how a child spends the day at KLAY:

About KLAY Preschools:

KLAY Schools is one of the leading play schools in India.With KLAY, you can be assured that your child would have the right learning environment, ample learning resources and qualified teachers.

2000+ KLAY educators spread across 100+ centers in India are united in their mission to nurture every child’s gifts and be the trusted parenting partner of every family.

  • They provide quality education & care to each child
  • They help organizations build family friendly workplaces
  • They enable women to chase their dreams

For any queries, you can check their website or contact Garima (+91 9448025104)

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People Are Special and Their Names Are Too. Here is My Story – WorldOfMoms!

Feeling nostalgic on receiving a personalized Baby Dove lotion bottle from WorldOfMoms and Baby Dove.

It has got me reminiscing the story of how we name our little one ‘Aakriti’ all over again.

Read all about it right here – https://bit.ly/2Hst69M

Follow the link to also participate, and make sure you comment below to let WorldOfMoms know!

#EveryBabyBeautiful #WorldOfMoms #NameStorieswithBabyDove


An Open Letter to All The Children Out There – Half Baked Beans!

An Open Letter on Children’s Day published on Half Baked Beans:

Dear Children-of-today,

On this day, I am writing this letter with a heavy heart. I am not only sad, but I am pained, horrified and numb at what you all go through these days. I should be excited about Children’s Day as a mother. Now I have all the more to celebrate with my daughter, surprisingly, I am not as happy as I should be.
I am baffled and bewildered at the emotional quotient of children today and how vulnerable they have become. With recent incidents of homicide, child abuse, mental depression, I am really scared for you all.

I know your childhood is very different from ours, but where and when did the innocence and simplicity of being a child fade away? Today, you know so much more, you do so much more, and you can do so much more. So, does that mean you are progressing?

I really don’t know the answer to this question.

You all are like budding flowers, but today we want you to bloom faster. And, in an attempt to make you advanced and progressive, we are polluting your mind, saturating your brains and infecting your heart.

Why are you Pradyuman’s killer if you are a child yourself?
Why are you a victim of Blue Whale Challenge if you are so technologically advanced?
Why do you fall prey to sexual predators?
Why do you commit suicide if anyone mocks you?
Why are you forced to embrace terrorism? And, why are not spared of hatred?
Why are you made to work under an inhumane condition, when you should be studying?
Why are you married off, when you should be playing?

Well, these questions remain unanswered to both of us.

I know that you want to ask so much, but we are ashamed that we cannot answer. It’s NOT YOUR fault, its Ours.

Don’t just celebrate this Children’s Day with good food, fun and games.
Celebrate with a promise to get your questions answered.
Celebrate with a promise to be strong when required.
Celebrate with a promise to open up regarding abuse, even if it is at your home.
Celebrate with a promise not to tolerate being bullied, just because you are a child.
Celebrate with a promise to use technology in the right way. And…

Celebrate with a promise to be a GOOD HUMAN BEING, above all.
I am writing this letter to you all with a ray of hope. A hope to see the children of today grow into responsible adults of tomorrow.
And, I promise to be with YOU, always. So, speak up, discuss, ask for help, interact and DON’T HIDE.

Wishing all of you out there a very HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY and many more to come.

And Society, this is for you – Don’t let the child in them die a premature death. A bud blooms to a beautiful flower in its own time, and not forcibly. Don’t ruin their TODAY to give them a false promise of a better TOMORROW!

Yours truly,
Someone lucky to have a childhood like it WAS


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