Poems for Kids – A Collection!

I have seen many moms asking for poems for their kid’s school competition or project or invitation. Here are few I wrote for few moms:


Theme: Health is Wealth

An apple a day keeps the doctor away,

A banana in the morning makes my stomach say yay.

Milk and eggs are good for my growth,

Grains and pulses and i love them both.

Green veggies and fruits will always make my day,

That’s what my mommy always loves to say.

Washing my hands will keep me clean,

Wash properly so that no dirt is seen.

Brushing my teeth makes them shine,

Exercise everyday keeps me fit and fine.

Good habits make me a very good girl,

Everyone loves me and says you are like a pearl.

Follow Mommy’s rules to take care of your health,

Trust me, it is true when they say that health is wealth.

Theme: Grandparents

I wanted a chocolate and Papa said No,

I wanted a toy and Mama said No,

I kept wondering to whom I should go.

Then, one night, after my dinner was done,

I went to my room and saw a chocolate and a toy gun.

I jumped with joy, and showed them to my parents,

And, I knew these were gifts from my grandparents.

I love my Dada-Dai/Nana-Nani, so much you know,

They make me feel special whenever I go.

They are my friend, and they scold me never,

I wish they stay with me always and forever.

Theme: Imagination

The school bell rang at four,

And everybody rushed towards the door.

I ran and quickly board the bus,

To grab my favourite window seat in all this rush.

The conductor pressed on the gear,

Mrs. Singh said, Silence and told us to hear.

She said, we are going home today,

We will go for a picnic and have to go a long way.

Everybody clapped and sang,

The bus became full of bang, bang.

Suddenly, the conductor pressed on a switch,

And the bus flew in the air like a broom of a witch.

We screamed and said hurray,

We were going to have a hell of a day.

The bus landed on someplace soon,

Wow, we could not believe it, we were on the moon.

We wondered how will we walk and move here,

And then we were given our astronaut’s gear.

We hopped and jumped and bumped in pairs,

Even our notebooks and pens were all up in the air.

When all the loads of fun and frolic was done,

We returned and our bus even crossed the sun.

Mrs. Singh said tomorrow was no school,

Hurray, a holiday and it was so cool.

Just then, the alarm clock started ringing,

It is time for school, I hear Mommy screaming.

But, but, but….it was a holiday,

Oh no, this was just a dream, but it was fun.

Wish all school days are as exciting as this one.

Theme: Numbers and Animals

One plus one makes a two,

Who gives us milk and also says moo?

It is the white big cow,

Who is resting in the shed now.

Two plus two makes a four,

Who says meow from behind the door?

It is the fury, little cat,

Who sits all day on the door mat.

Three plus three makes a six,

Who comes running and all over licks?

It is the cute, cuddly dog,

Yesterday, I saw chasing a frog.

The frog croaks and the dog barks,

They all stay inside the parks.

Four plus four makes an eight,

The birds come together and say tweet tweet.

Five and fives makes a ten,

Cluck, cluck says the chickens and so does the hen.

If you have any such requirements, you write to me if you like my work.

Roses are red…

Roses are red, violets are blue,
Pleasures all mine in inviting you,
Sunflowers are bathing in the sun,
Hope you will come to join the fun,
Lilies are dancing in the rain,
Come and join the party train,
Flowers are beautiful with different names,
See you soon for fun and games,

Butterflies loves them, makes them friends,
Wings of fire with colors that blends,
If you like to see them fly,
Together lets chase them high,
If they come back to you,
Tell them to wish me too,

Bring your smiles, hugs and kisses,
I will be waiting for your best wishes…

A B C D…

A b c d,
Let me tell you something about me.

E f g,
I am like a bird so free,

H i j,
I am like the morning ray,

K l m n,
I am like the first drop of rain.

O p q r,
I am daddy’s twinkling star.

S t u v,
I am mommy’s little bee.

W x y z,
I am a little princess like everybody said.