KLAY PreSchool – A Perfect Choice For Parents!

Every parent is skeptical when it is time for their little ones to step into the big world – away from the safety and care of their homes.

Parents who are both working look for a good and reliable preschool and other parents look for a place where their child will learn the stepping stones of life, be active social and enjoy their the years of their growth and development.

One such trusted name when it comes to preschool is KLAY Preschools and Day Care. They have centers in all the major metros of India at various locations. They are one of the most compliant pre-schools with no franchisee. They have won several awards in the category and is a name that is loved and trusted by parents.

Their latest center is at Brigade Signature Tower, adjacent to Brigade Golden Triangle. This center will be operational from March 5, 2019.

Here are some highlights of the center:

  • Easily accessible fro nearby apartments like Prestige Tranquility, Pruksha, GR SunVillas, Golden Triangle etc. They will provide bus service within 5 Kms. The buses/vans have GPRS system along with female attendants.
  • The classes are spacious and equipped with CCTV Cameras. The parents get access so that they can see their child from anywhere anytime.
Spacious Classrooms
  • All classrooms have finger guards installed in the door to prevent any accident. Every classroom has fire extinguishers, away from the reach of the children
  • They are specially designed learning modules for different age groups which help to nurture skills of a child. Their activities are designed to nurture both the physical and mental abilities of a child. They do not encourage screen time so most of their activities aim to enhance different skills in a child.
  • Their play area is well-guarded and spacious. Every class has a separate play time to avoid any congestion and better monitoring
Play Area
  • Their student to teacher ratio is well defined so that every child gets proper care and attention according to their age groups. Kids are encouraged to eat on their own, however personalized care is take in special cases. Attendants are assigned 24by7 for every class and always monitored by the teachers.
  • The restrooms are clean,y maintained and kids are assisted.
  • All their staff are trained periodically and has to pass through a strict background verification process
  • Every aspect of the facility has been planned, executed, implemented and approved keeping the safety and developmental norms of the children.
  • There is a corner changing room in every class for the day care which is under surveillance.
  • Parents get access to an online app where the daily food intake and other information is updated for them to see and review.
  • Kids are only handed over to the parents or authorized personnel with the ID card issued by KLAY.
  • They are a cute library with a variety of books.

They will run the following programs:


Junior Toddler: 15 Months onwards | (9 am – 12 pm)
Senior Toddler: 2 Years onwards | (9 am – 12 pm)

Pre-K: 3 Years onwards | (9 am – 1 pm)

K 1: 4 Years onwards | (9 am – 1 pm)

K 2: 5 Years onwards | (9 am – 1 pm)

Day Care

6 Months to 10 Years

They offer full-day and extended daycare facility for children between the ages of 6 months – 10 years. They have a small kitchen in the facility. However, meals are not prepared there. In case, you wish to avail their food, they can arrange to get it from their centralized kitchen in Whitefield.

Their kitchen in the facility

After School Care

Upto 10 Years

KLAY, in collaboration with expert partners in various areas, brings to you an unparalleled After School Daycare program for older children who attend formal schools and are looking for an extra-curricular program after school.

Infant Care

The program is for babies aged 5 months – 15 months. There are cots available for nap time and also a feeding station if mothers want to breastfeed their babies. Three cots are available and the walls are padded for extra safety. Age specific and safe toys are used.

Enrichment Program

Klay offers a broad range of enrichment programs that are developed and conducted by trained professionals in their respective fields. The programs are designed to develop critical thinking and encourage creative expression. The enrichment programs vary by geography and centers.

To mark the launch of the Brigade Golden Triangle, they have an amazing engagement program on March 3, 2019 Sunday. You can find the details in the poster below.

If you are looking for a preschool and day care in and around this area, this would definitely be the perfect choice. Make sure you visit the facility to check it yourself. You can directly contact their toll-free number for a walk-through.

Here is a small video which show how a child spends the day at KLAY:

About KLAY Preschools:

KLAY Schools is one of the leading play schools in India.With KLAY, you can be assured that your child would have the right learning environment, ample learning resources and qualified teachers.

2000+ KLAY educators spread across 100+ centers in India are united in their mission to nurture every child’s gifts and be the trusted parenting partner of every family.

  • They provide quality education & care to each child
  • They help organizations build family friendly workplaces
  • They enable women to chase their dreams

For any queries, you can check their website or contact Garima (+91 9448025104)

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Book Review – Emotions and Elation by Banani Das Dhar!

There is no better feeling than movement of life inside you. – And every mother experiences this feeling in different ways. The journey of those nine months looks so similar, but yet it is not the same for any two mothers in the world.

In the journey of pregnancy, a mother not only undergoes a physical change, but molds mentally as well. The emotions she experiences are uniquely her own and each day is a new learning or experience for her. The happiness, the anxiety, the apprehensions, the fear – everything is relatable to other to-be moms, but still they her personal account of those nine months is HER OWN JOURNEY through different roads and milestones. It is a personal account of things that happened till a child was born and a mother too.

One such beautiful journey has been narrated through words in the upcoming book, ‘Emotions and Elation’ by a Mompreneur-turned author from Bangalore. Banani Das Dhar became a mother to a handsome boy, Om, last year and got inducted into the wonderful life of motherhood.

Pregnancy is a potpourri of different emotions and phases which combines together to make a ‘mother’. Every mom-to-be has her unique story, yet so familiar for other moms too.

Banani wrote this book to share her own emotions, and reach out all those moms who have already experienced this phase or are gearing up to celebrate pregnancy in their lives.

What is so unique about the book?

It is like a diary: ‘Emotions and Elation’ was written during her pregnancy and is full of her own raw and rustic emotions. It comes right from her heart, exactly the way things happened chronologically without exaggerations and exclusions. Banani utilized her time during pregnancy to translate her story into writing, which got transformed into this amazing book.

It connects people: ‘Emotions and Elation’ has inputs from the father of the child and talks about many other people, who directly or indirectly affected or impacted Banani during her journey through pregnancy.

It is an experience: The book is Banani’s own experience, her moments of woes and wows. But, it is magically the story of many expectant moms all over. One can relate and identify with the emotions penned down and find themselves in her shoes.

It has a message: It is not a pregnancy manual, yet it might be so intriguing and helpful for expecting moms while accepting this new phase in life. Many of us stress during this phase or have a hard time coping with different aspects. Banani did too, and this is her story that she has shared with the world on how she faced and overcame challenges, on how she rejoiced moments of happiness and how she made the best of this beautiful phase.

It is a GIFT: The book is full of memories, both good, bad and maybe sometimes ugly. So, it is a memoir for her son, a gift when he turns ONE and a repository of her emotions for life. One day, she will laugh or cry reading this book all over again and remember the times that have gone by.

About Emotions and Elation:

Emotions and Elation is the debut book of Banani. It is a wonderful account of her nine months of pregnancy. She has put down her personal account on paper, described her every emotion and rejoiced her elation at becoming a mother through a story that others can also relate to.

This is not a guidebook of pregnancy or just an autobiography. It also talks about everyone who was involved in and related to her pregnancy.

The 13 chapters in her book are much more than the story of 9 months and 2 people. The book is like a free-flowing tale that will remind you of your own woes and wows of pregnancy yet make you smile on you had survived or enjoyed this phase.

It is like a walk down the memory lane, reminiscing memories, moments and milestones.

The book is worth reading because this is not only a true story, but it might have been your story too.

‘Emotions and Elation’, published by Half Baked Beans is all set to launch in Bangalore on July 1st, 2018. It is available on Amazon for purchase: https://www.amazon.in/EMOTIONS-ELATION-Banani-Das-Dhar/dp/B07DHB9521

About Banani Das Dhar:

Banani is an ex-Clinical Data Analyst and the founder of a popular Lifestyle and Cultural digital magazine, BananiVista. She hails from Assam, but currently Bengaluru is her home.

She is an avid traveler and a Nature photography as well. Apart from the thrill and excitement of visiting and exploring new places, she finds traveling as a way of self-reflection. She loves interacting with people.

‘Emotions and Elation’ is her debut book, but she has been a part of anthologies as a short story writer.

You can contact Banani at contact@bananivista.com for any queries and messages.


Review – Making of Babaji Inc. by Shravya Bhinder!

Humor, sarcasm and satire are an integral part of literature. These elements help to bring out the real picture of a society, or a community or even a phase and compels the reader to think about certain issues. I believe, laughter is one of the most difficult emotions to evoke through words, but if one can do it effortlessly, it must be a fine piece of writing.

The above thought echoed in my mind when I got to read, ‘Making of Babaji Inc.’ by Shravya Bhinder. It is such a complex and evident picture of our so-called modern society, narrated with such simple yet powerful words. The narration is so strong and real as if it can be easily transformed into a movie plot that people would love to watch.

Billu, the simpleton transforms into a Babaji due to the turn of events in his life. And, this starts the roller coaster ride of his life where everyone experiences something new including Billu, his wife, Pammi, their son, Bunty and his neighbours. And, of course, Sharmaji, Billu’s boss who has an important role to play in the hotchpotch. A middle-class man and a cashier, Billu loses his client’s money and the superstitious Indian wife seeks the help of a Babaji. How Billu copes with the situation and in the process how his life goes topsy-turvy is truly a tale to read.

The language is easy to follow and chronological. The characters have been aptly introduced and described at the right places. The storyline is free-flowing yet gripping. The narration, the sequence of events and the characters are so natural and real that anyone can relate to them easily.  The plot is hilarious, emotional, gripping and full of twists and turns. And, depicting a true image of a section of the Indian society.

Overall, I love the book and Shravya truly has the potential to become one the professionals from a budding writer and make a mark for herself. I would love to read more of her writings. Her style of blending humour with a bit of satire to deal with emotions while weaving stories which are close to reality is noteworthy.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

You can purchase the book from https://www.amazon.in/Making-Babaji-Inc-Shravya-Bhinder/dp/8192982211

Review – Amazon Obhijan by Kamaleswar Mukherjee!

Our childhood would have been incomplete without comic books. They were so close to us. I remember stacking up my favourite comics and hardly sharing it with anyone. But, I guess with the advent of TV and Internet, paperback comic books have suffered a setback.

But, I got a chance to relive those good old childhood memories when I got hold of Amazon Obhijan. This graphic novel by Kamaleswar Mukherjee is an amazing treat for readers. The story of Shankar and Anna, two explorers in the land of Amazon narrated through amazing illustrations was a perfect read. Inspired from Chander Pahar, an adventure-filled novel by Bibhutibhusan Bandopadhyay, this novel takes the story forward, where Shankar ends up with exploring the mythical city of golf- El Dorado in Amazon with an adventurer, Anna amidst natural calamities and the beast of the jungle.

The tale is gripping and easy to follow. The illustrations are so apt such that the flow of the story is maintained properly. The novel not only talks about the adventures, the ferocious creatures or their struggles. But, it also talks about human relationships and their dynamics. It shows how two strangers interact in times of difficulty and how they work together to emerge victoriously. The novel also talks about the beauty of the Amazon and gives a vivid description of the flora and fauna of the place.

A movie has also been made from the novel which I am eager to watch. I am sure it will be as good as the graphic novel.  I would love to read from the author or upcoming novels in this series. He has done amazing work in a genre which might have been gradually fading away, but this is surely a comeback. This kind of novels can be enjoyed both by adults and kids.

Overall, it was a great read with amazing visual effects/illustrations by Arghya Das. Kudos to Kamaleswar Mukherjee for coming up with this graphic novel. Looking forward to reading more in the series of adventures with exciting illustrations and amazing storylines.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5.

You can purchase the book from Amazon: https://www.amazon.in/Amazon-Obhijaan-Graphic-Kamaleswar-Mukherjee/dp/9380925719


Review : Harappa- Curse of the Blood River by Vineet Bajpai!

In recent times, a new breed of readers have evolved who love reading about history, mythology, symbolism and mysteries of the past, present and the future. Authors like Dan Brown, Devdutt Patnaik, Ashwin Sanghvi have consistently given us wonderful and gripping novels in this category, and the readers have simply loved them.

Harappa – Curse of the Blood River by Vineet Bajpai comes from a similar genre, and I loved reading it. The back and forth narration between modern times and the Harappan civilization. It reminded me of Chanakya’s Chants and The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi.

Vidyut Shastri, a man from Delhi, his ancestor, Vivasvan Pujari from Varanasi, and a stranger in Paris- all joined by a thread of mystery, illusions, secrets and revelations. The narration is so strong that I was able to visualize the era and the incidents. The storyline is gripping and keeps you engrossed until the end. It evokes some questions in your mind and takes you through wonderful character interactions, conversations and explanations till the end. This tale of Gods, Demons and Humans is a must-read, which takes you on an incredible journey of ambition, violence, emotions and secrets over time and space.

It was truly a pleasant read and one which I was not able to put down till I finished it. However, at times, I felt that the explanation or intricacies could have been a bit detailed, but I am sure the author has put the things in the flow of the story. The evolution of the characters was wonderful, and it was easy to interpret the different times with the imagery that was created.

Overall, it was a great read and I would recommend it to my fellow authors, who love this genre. Harappa – Curse of the Blood River is a spell-bounding piece of work from Vineet Bajpai, which keeps the reader glued to it till the end. I wish to read more of the author’s work and wish him success among his contemporaries.

If the mysteries of historical importance intrigue you, if the concepts of time and space interests you, or if you simply want to enjoy a suspense thriller, then grab a copy and you will be totally thrilled in the end!

Overall Rating: 4 stars

You can purchase the book (Paperback and E-book) from: https://www.amazon.in/Harappa-Curse-Blood-Vineet-Bajpai/dp/9352685482

About the author:

Vineet Bajpai is the founder and CEO of Magnon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He is a professor of strategic e-business and management information systems at Skyline Business School. He has also authored many other books. He has won many laurels and accolades for his work. You can take a look at his website for more details: http://vineetbajpai.com/.



Review – TOTS AND MOMS, organic homemade baby food in India!

As a mother of a toddler and a fussy eater, feeding is a mammoth task for me. After every meal, I am always worried whether she is getting the right nutrition or whether the food was enough for her. The entire time she eats, I can hardly make her sit in one place. And, that is one of my biggest worries.

I am sure mothers like me always want some wholesome food for their child, where even if they are eating a bit less, they are getting enough nutrition. Amidst this dilemma, I came across homemade and healthy organic food options from TOTS and MOMS.


I tried a few of their options, and I am really impressed. They have a range of health drink mixes and other organic mixes for infants and toddlers, which have the goodness of natural ingredients like almond, millets, Kesar, etc. Sometimes, kids don’t want to the nutrition nuts and other healthy food in their raw forms. These health mixes are a great option for them. These can be had with either milk or water.

Moreover, these are really good for pregnant women and new mothers as they contain a lot of important healthy ingredients. They dissolve easily and they can easily consume. They have been made to taste good so that kids can drink. And, the best thing is that these can also be consumed by adults. There are so many healthy and nutritious ingredients that you will love to have them on a daily basis (even if you don’t like the taste of a few of them). If you are looking for organic homemade baby food, TOTS AND MOMS is a must visit.


I tried a few of them, and here are a few pointers that I really liked:

  • Each product has a unique mix of healthy ingredients.
  • Really good for children as they are organic with no added preservatives.
  • The packaging is really nice. The airtight pouches are easy to store. The outer packaging is eco-friendly.
  • The healthy values and facts of the ingredients are mentioned on the pack along with nutrition count.
  • Usage and Storage instructions are properly mentioned, along with the age group.
  • Some of them can also be taken by adults in a cup of milk or warm water.
  • Their range of vermicelli and noodles for small children are also nice.
  • It mixes easily and the texture/taste is nice.
  • They also have Combo Offers and Trial Packs to suit different needs and requirements
  • The pricing is reasonable and shipping is very prompt.


Take a look at their website, www.totsandmoms.com, where they have other useful sections like the Recipes, Baby Food Charts and Blog. This is one of the best portals to buy organic homemade baby food for kids in India.


You can also subscribe to their FB page for regular updates: https://www.facebook.com/totsandmoms/

Contact Information:

Phone Number- +91 888 444 7337

Email id- support@totsandmoms.com

TOTS AND MOMS was started around three years back by Kavitha Prashanth, mother of a toddler and an Entrepreneur. As a mother, she understands the pain points of providing the proper nutrition for children, which is the most important thing during their growth and developmental phases.

Having faced difficulties with her own child, she started with simple homemade foods like porridge, purees, etc., and then moving on this endeavour, which has been a successful venture. Today, TOTS AND MOMS is a household name for many in providing healthy food options for children. They have a good customer base and their business has been growing through references, and of course, for the quality they deliver.

Kavitha Prashanth

Wishing the team a very prosperous journey ahead!

If you want to interact with her, you can write to kavitha@totsandmoms.com.



PERFICO – the perfect place for gifts for girls and others!

Around this time of the year when we are celebrating the festivals of happiness, joy and prosperity, we also love to send good wishes and gifts for our friends and family. Gifting is a very well-known gesture in our culture, and these festivals are the busiest times for exchanging gifts.

With the growing trend of online and customized gifts, the Internet is flooded with such gifting portals. You can almost find the ‘perfect’ gift got anyone, anywhere. Yet, sometimes, you are simply overwhelmed with the choices you have and might find it difficult to choose.

Well, to be very frank, I am a big online shopping buff as in I find it easier to get things online rather than physically going for tiresome shopping. As always, I was also looking for gifting options for the festival season, when I stumbled upon PERFICO.

As the name signifies, it turned out to be a ‘perfect’ place for ordering gifts for my friends and family.


They have a huge and unique collection of gifting ideas, and you will find something for everyone and almost every occasion. I found most the prices reasonable, except barring a few. But, considering the unique products they are offering, it is worth it. As mentioned earlier, their repository of gifts is awesome and the ways you can customize them are overwhelming.


And, one of the best things that I liked is the shipping and delivery time. I ordered the products and received it within 2 days. The packing was good and proper to ensure that the products are safe and don’t break.


They have such lovely customization options for so many households and daily use products. You will love the variety and designs. They have a wide range of products for both men and women, and cool collection of kids as well.


You can either gift them with a personal touch or gift yourself some fun and quirky stuff as well. Let me share a few of what I got for myself:

My hubby’s birthday just passed by and I was regretting not getting him something personalized like I do always. And, walla, I got just the perfect one for him too.


Their gifts for girls were so cute that I couldn’t help myself from ordering acute customized wall clock for my daughter’s room. And, it quite matches with her room décor as well.


There are many gifting portals online, but I was overwhelmed with the kind of products Perfico has and the way they customize these gifts, especially for girls. I loved the customized Champagne glasses, slippers and cute aprons.

So, next time you are in a dilemma for gifting, stop by Perfico, and I am sure you will not only find what you are looking for but also can’t help getting some of these amazing things for yourself too.

Perfico is the perfect place for your gifting needs!!!

Book Review – Army Girl Steals Civilian’s Heart by Oswald Pereira!

This is a very light-hearted romantic novelette which takes the reader up and down through different emotions. Truly, Amrita and Oscar belong to different worlds, but their love helped them create a unique world of their own. The love musings are nothing new, but the innovative narration makes it sound refreshing and delightful.

I loved the way the author has handled the emotions of the characters and presented it to the reader. Simple, mundane things also felt like a whole new experience. At places, I felt that the narration could have been a little more descriptive or illustrative, but still, I loved the balance throughout.

The plot, the characters and everything was like watching a real-life incident with real characters. Overall, it was an amazing afternoon read, and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I would like to recommend it to my fellow readers as well.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.in/Army-Girl-Steals-Civilians-Heart-ebook/dp/B075V2SGKB

Book Review – The Hidden Spark!

Sometimes, when you are seeking answers to your problems in life, someone becomes your teacher, your guide and your Guru to help you find the truth and lead you on a path of happiness and peace.

The Hidden Spark by Vikas Trivedi and Smita Agarwal came into my hands at the right time when I was looking for motivation in life. An amazing book of true stories, experiences, and advices that truly helps us understand the tidbits of life. Each chapter has simple, easy-to-understand teachings, facts and information. At the end, the self-introspection snippets are also very useful.

But, the best thing that I liked about the book was the real-life stories. Many times we just ignore such inspirational or motivational books because we do not want to believe. But, when we read about real people, real problems and real solutions, we start believing.

This book is not just about ‘telling’, but it is about ‘showing’. The book talks about realistic solutions to real life problems we face day to day. This is one inspirational book, which is not boring rather very easy to interpret and implement. It is about rekindling that ‘hidden spark’ we all have within us.

Reading this book will help you identify your self-worth, motivate you to follow your dreams, boost your self-confidence by helping you choose and help you learn from other people’s experiences. Written by two great mentors, this book will surely help you to find the right direction in life.

As mentioned before, the language is easy to follow, maybe a bit of illustration at places might have helped, but overall this is a wonderful and practical book from these Indian authors, which will keep you glued to the pages. Every chapter is a new learning, a new perspective so you can read it in phases as well.

Grab your copy TODAY from Amazon: https://www.amazon.in/Hidden-Spark-Vikas-Trivedi-Smita-Agarwal/dp/B0754732GG