Empowering Women Drivers – Vandana Suri, founder of TAXSHE shows us HOW – BananiVista!

A few people are taking progressive steps towards women empowerment and their efforts are commendable. Vandana Suri founded TAXSHE with a vision to empower Indian women, to choose a profession which has been male-dominated till date and help them live on their own terms. Her endeavor has been a welcome change and has helped many women from the lower strata of the society finding a new way of life.Read her full story.

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Entrepreneur Supriya Chadha wrote her own success – BananiVista!


From eclectic home decor to amazing chocolates and wedding favours, from Indian handicrafts to beautiful Corporate gifts, Satya Xclusives has a unique collection of products. Being an entrepreneur, she has also helped many people who were looking for a way to survive and supported them in many ways.
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Supriya Chadha Satya Xclusives


Ways to survive V-day if you are Single- BananiVista!

Are you single….and ready to mingle? Then, Valentine’s Day can be a great day to celebrate for you as well. Singles can also feel loved and share love on V-day just like couples. Here are a few tips and tricks to enjoy Valentine’s Day if you are single. Loads to love to you all. Enjoy reading.

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If you are single, how do you want to celebrate V-day?

Review – Making of Babaji Inc. by Shravya Bhinder!

Humor, sarcasm and satire are an integral part of literature. These elements help to bring out the real picture of a society, or a community or even a phase and compels the reader to think about certain issues. I believe, laughter is one of the most difficult emotions to evoke through words, but if one can do it effortlessly, it must be a fine piece of writing.

The above thought echoed in my mind when I got to read, ‘Making of Babaji Inc.’ by Shravya Bhinder. It is such a complex and evident picture of our so-called modern society, narrated with such simple yet powerful words. The narration is so strong and real as if it can be easily transformed into a movie plot that people would love to watch.

Billu, the simpleton transforms into a Babaji due to the turn of events in his life. And, this starts the roller coaster ride of his life where everyone experiences something new including Billu, his wife, Pammi, their son, Bunty and his neighbours. And, of course, Sharmaji, Billu’s boss who has an important role to play in the hotchpotch. A middle-class man and a cashier, Billu loses his client’s money and the superstitious Indian wife seeks the help of a Babaji. How Billu copes with the situation and in the process how his life goes topsy-turvy is truly a tale to read.

The language is easy to follow and chronological. The characters have been aptly introduced and described at the right places. The storyline is free-flowing yet gripping. The narration, the sequence of events and the characters are so natural and real that anyone can relate to them easily.  The plot is hilarious, emotional, gripping and full of twists and turns. And, depicting a true image of a section of the Indian society.

Overall, I love the book and Shravya truly has the potential to become one the professionals from a budding writer and make a mark for herself. I would love to read more of her writings. Her style of blending humour with a bit of satire to deal with emotions while weaving stories which are close to reality is noteworthy.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

You can purchase the book from https://www.amazon.in/Making-Babaji-Inc-Shravya-Bhinder/dp/8192982211

Getting To Know Anindya S Basu, Winner of Best Travel Blog, IndiBlogger- BananiVista!

His blog, Pikturenama has recently been awarded the Best Travel Blog in India by IndiBlogger. His blog is full of travel information, amazing destination, food images and a lot more. Anindya S Basu took out time from his busy schedule to speak to us and shares his experiences.
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Save The Girl Child – It’s High Time We Actually Do Something: BananiVista!

Every child deserves a proper education and being a girl child is no excuse for not getting one. But, the sad state of education, especially for females in our country bars most of the girls from getting even a primary education.On the eve of #NationalGirlChildDay, BananiVista wishes every girl child a carefree childhood, a bright future, a safe life and the right to fulfill their own dreams.
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5 Exciting Home Decor Ideas – BananiVista!

Your home personifies you and you know best what to do with it. However, sometimes you keep hunting and browsing for ideas to give your home a different look- maybe a new piece of furniture, some quirky decor, the addition of colours and hues or maybe repositioning of things.
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