Memories & Mirages, an anthology by Moments Publisher!

Excitement is when you smell the fresh paperback of one of your own anthologies.

Immense thanks to Prashant Gandhi of Moments Publishers and editor and compiler, Vatsal Shah for this wonderful anthology, Memories & Mirages.

You can read my short stories- ‘Waking Up‘ (psychological thriller) and ‘Knock, Knock, Anybody Home?‘ (suspense thriller) in this book.

You can also purchase a copy from Amazon:…/…/B078GSC5GK

You can down the ebook:

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Did You Miss Me? – BEE TURNS 3 by BEE BOOKS!

My short story – Did You Miss me? in an anthology, BEE Turns 3 by BEE Books. Read the story ins screenshots. It is a story of three little kids, who are caught between the innocence of childhood and the reality of life.

You can purchase Kindle copy from:

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‘The Secret Truth’- Shards of Ink by The Pen Man’s Diary!

Ink is beautiful, even in the form of shards piercing your soul.
So here we announce the launch of “Shards of Ink”, a soulful collection of poetries and stories soothing a reader’s mind.

“The pen man’s diary” in association with their eBook Publisher Voice Verso brings to you this mesmerizing collection of works of poets and storytellers from different parts of the globe. The pen man’s diary

Read my short story, ‘The Secret Truth’ about a secret that might change the lives of two women- Sophia and Isabella.

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Kindle link:


The Hourglass (Wait Till I Tell You) – an anthology of short stories and poem!

Really excited to receive the copies of yet another anthology, Wait Till I Tell You, by Moments Publishers, and edited by the very talented, Vatsal Shah.

Read my short story- The Hourglass and poem – A Life of A Thousand Lies in this book.

You can purchase it from Amazon:

You can also read my short story here:

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Also sharing some of the reviews I got for my story: