Meet the Moms Behind The Parties – BananiVista!

They are mothers, based in Bangalore and currently running this event management firm. Their venture caters to customized themed parties. Though they are open to doing all kind of parties, their primary focus has been kids birthday parties. Know more about their venture Jamboree
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Youth Magazine, Youniquemag and their story – BananiVista!

There are many online magazines with a lot of articles, news, views, writing opportunities and a lot more.But, only a few are able to sustain because they have created a niche for themselves. This is the story of one such magazine, created by a handful of youths from Kolkata. Youniquemag is youthful yet loved by readers of all age groups, it is unique yet it touches everyone’s heart and it is brimming with creativity and innovation.
We got in touch with the core team and got some really interesting views and insights about the magazine and its endeavors. You will surely enjoy reading this one.
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Read their story here:

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Music has a special place in the Northeastern culture – 6 NE Bands You Ought to Hear – BananiVista!

Music is an integral part of our culture and heritage. Different parts of India are enriched with different forms and variety of sounds. From solo performers to musical bands, from musical instruments to unique tunes, we have seen many maestros and stalwarts in the magical world of rhythm.
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Read my article for BananiVista on the musical bands of the Northeast, who have created a niche for themselves:…/northeastern-music-bands/

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An Open Letter to All The Children Out There – Half Baked Beans!

An Open Letter on Children’s Day published on Half Baked Beans:

Dear Children-of-today,

On this day, I am writing this letter with a heavy heart. I am not only sad, but I am pained, horrified and numb at what you all go through these days. I should be excited about Children’s Day as a mother. Now I have all the more to celebrate with my daughter, surprisingly, I am not as happy as I should be.
I am baffled and bewildered at the emotional quotient of children today and how vulnerable they have become. With recent incidents of homicide, child abuse, mental depression, I am really scared for you all.

I know your childhood is very different from ours, but where and when did the innocence and simplicity of being a child fade away? Today, you know so much more, you do so much more, and you can do so much more. So, does that mean you are progressing?

I really don’t know the answer to this question.

You all are like budding flowers, but today we want you to bloom faster. And, in an attempt to make you advanced and progressive, we are polluting your mind, saturating your brains and infecting your heart.

Why are you Pradyuman’s killer if you are a child yourself?
Why are you a victim of Blue Whale Challenge if you are so technologically advanced?
Why do you fall prey to sexual predators?
Why do you commit suicide if anyone mocks you?
Why are you forced to embrace terrorism? And, why are not spared of hatred?
Why are you made to work under an inhumane condition, when you should be studying?
Why are you married off, when you should be playing?

Well, these questions remain unanswered to both of us.

I know that you want to ask so much, but we are ashamed that we cannot answer. It’s NOT YOUR fault, its Ours.

Don’t just celebrate this Children’s Day with good food, fun and games.
Celebrate with a promise to get your questions answered.
Celebrate with a promise to be strong when required.
Celebrate with a promise to open up regarding abuse, even if it is at your home.
Celebrate with a promise not to tolerate being bullied, just because you are a child.
Celebrate with a promise to use technology in the right way. And…

Celebrate with a promise to be a GOOD HUMAN BEING, above all.
I am writing this letter to you all with a ray of hope. A hope to see the children of today grow into responsible adults of tomorrow.
And, I promise to be with YOU, always. So, speak up, discuss, ask for help, interact and DON’T HIDE.

Wishing all of you out there a very HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY and many more to come.

And Society, this is for you – Don’t let the child in them die a premature death. A bud blooms to a beautiful flower in its own time, and not forcibly. Don’t ruin their TODAY to give them a false promise of a better TOMORROW!

Yours truly,
Someone lucky to have a childhood like it WAS


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The Once Smart Side of the Idiot Box- A few phenomenal female characters of good old days!

The ‘idiot box’ is one of the most important sources of entertainment in our lives. It came long before the digital gadgets and captured our every emotion. How much ever we argue about its ill effects and criticize what we see, but we all our ‘favourite TV serials’.  We give them TRP, and we get entertainment in return. They are more like a stress-buster for many, might be an inspiration for a few, mostly a time killer and sometimes an addiction too. But, at the end of it, they are supposed to be fun and entertaining. But, a lot has changed over time.

Recently, a few months back, there was a big hue and cry about a prime-time show on TV which depicts an implausible ideology of a marriage between a 19-year old protagonist with a 10-year old boy under the pretext that this move was for the boy’s protection. A concerned mother and a responsible citizen filed a petition, which received an overwhelming response and reached Smriti Irani with a request to ban this how. Honorable Minister, Smriti Irani took a prompt action against the show and further investigations are in process.


This made me ponder over the fact whether we are watching things that are progressively building a positive outlook for us and our younger generations or we are gradually molding our minds towards ‘dumber’ ideological beliefs, and using the ‘idiot box’ just for entertainment. Well, I think many of us will agree that most of the shows now-a-days are no-brainers. Though they can invoke human emotions like laughter, happiness or sorrow, but only at a superficial level; they simply fail to inspire or motivate us in any way unlike many serials for the yesteryears.

Today, the protagonists of these serials do not inspire us, they just involve our minds in different emotions. Whereas, we have seen some of the most powerful characters on television evolve through TV serials. In our childhood, we have been inspired, enthralled, and excited by so many wonderful daily soaps and their varied characters.

Let us take a look at some of the most powerful female protagonists of TV serials, who have left a mark on our minds.

Rajani (Priya Tendulkar) of Rajani: This was one of the first soaps to have a powerful and prominent female protagonist on Indian television. Fighting against the prejudices associated with Government offices and officials made Rajani a household name.


Kalyani Singh (Kavita Chaudhury) of Udaan: A woman in the forces and fighting to find a name for herself in a male-dominated world was an inspiration for many young girls of that time. Her challenges, her dreams, her relationships- everything seemed so real. Inspector Asha (Ashwini Kalsekar) from CID was a strong female lead and we loved her.


Shanti (Mandira Bedi) of Shanti- Ek Aurat Ki Kahani: WE loved this soap. Though it is a bit high on drama, but a woman’s struggle was beautifully brought out in the show, and all the characters seemed to fit so well. Even, Varsha (Mona Ambegaonkar) of Nyay was portrayed so effectively.


Radha (Sangeeta Malik) and Maria (Rama Vij) of Nukkad: This is one serial which touched so many lives in so many different ways because the characters were so real and so varied. Radha, who worked as a maid and Maria, the teacher seemed the ‘girls next door’. People could relate to them so easily and spontaneously.


Kokila Kulkarni aka Koki (Reema Lagoo) and Prema Shalini (Archana Puran Singh) of Sriman Shrimati: Who can forget these leading ladies from some of the best comedy soaps on television. They were no less in this genre than their male counterparts. The laughter riot continued with serials like Dekh Bhai Dekh, Hum Paanch and others, and the female characters can claim every bit of credit for this. A special mention for Renu (Swaroop Sampat) in Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi, who seemed like a regular housewife, but with an unmatched humorous side.


Tulsi (Smriti Irani) of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi: Finally, came the era of saas-bahu K-dramas, and this changed the entire face of Indian television. They revolutionized drama, either for good or for worse. (I leave it to the audience to decide). But, Tulsi and Parvati became household names, and they still had some strong messages to deliver, unlike today’s daily soaps.


These are just a few examples and there are many more from the different genres of serials. So, I guess modern serials have a lot to learn about how to make a place in the hearts of the audience and not just boast themselves based on TRPs.

Today, the socio-political environment of the country needs more strong, powerful, closer to reality and motivating protagonists, both male and female, and not just dummy, fabricated, Tinseltown hero or heroines.

A huge population in India spends a considerable amount of time in front of the TV watching daily serials, and imbibing a lot from them. And, being emotionally vulnerable, we try to relate to these shows and mold our minds.

So, I guess giving them good food for thought, progressive messages and better role models are the least that they can do, even it is for entertainment. Then, probably the ‘idiot box’ wouldn’t be that idiot anymore.

An ending note: The show is back with a new name and star cast, and this time with a better storyline and hopefully no controversies. Let’s see whether it is some exciting plot or the same old storyline to make the idiot box look more idiotic.




Simran Oberoi Multani and her passion for Baking – BananiVista!

A passionate baker, a loving mom and an entrepreneur with a golden heart. Doesn’t it intrigue you to know more about this super talented lady?

Read on to know more about Simran Oberoi Multani, her life, her achievements and her journey till now. She is one among us but still stands out with the work she does. Like and Share to spread the word about this phenomenal woman.

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The Significance of Kaalratri – BananiVista!

An Indian marriage is not just one day of the ceremony, but a series of important day with their own significances. It is not just about binding two people but uniting two families in a long-term relationship. It is not just doing some rituals, but about believing that these will have a positive impact on the lives and well–being of the newlywed.

Kaalratri is a significant ritual in a Bengali wedding. Know more about it and why it is important in my article for BananiVista.

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