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If humans and animals interchanged places, it will be a different world altogether. On second thoughts, will it be so different?

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Poem Series 5!

The Empty Glasses

The wine glasses on the table reminds of those days,

When friends and family came together to celebrate always.

I think about the merrier times, I had spent with my friends,

When we raised the toast, and used to set the trends.

I remember when the family gathered to celebrate,

How we used to enjoy our conversation over drinks, I remember till date.

As life has moved on, friends and family have left me alone,

Now, no one comes, and no one to call my own.

The glasses are empty and they have aged too,

But, I keep them in the cupboard as if they are new.

I clean them everyday with a hope that someone might come, someday,

We will again drink and rejoice, and make merry once again like the old way.

When You Came

I was looking for a miracle in my life, when you came along,

You were like the breadth of fresh air, and a Nightingale’s beautiful song.

I was looking for a way to give life a meaning of its own,

You came as my guiding light, and a new path was shown.

I was looking for something to live on,

You came as my strength, and my belief of a new dawn.

You came into my life and brought happiness and joy,

You taught me to dream once again, to live and enjoy.

You came as the turning point of my life, which I was waiting for,

You came as my child, and I could no have asked for more.

The Rains of Passion

They met in the drizzle, and shared one umbrella,

But, when it began to pour, they ran in the shade,

He knew that the clouds must have conspired, and the Gods must have played.

They stood apart, and she was cleaning her wet clothes,

When the thunder struck, and it brought her close.

He could see the passion in her eyes too, when the lightning shined,

The storm has been in their hearts too, just hiding from their messed up minds.

The shelter became their nest, and the monsoon became the witness,

The petrichor bore the proof of their love, with a fragrance of sweetness.

The raindrops touched their bodies and their souls,

When they discovered each other in a new way,

Their eyes spoke the words, their lips could not say.

Sipping on a cup of hot coffee on a rainy day,

A blind poet’s imagination weaved a love story in a passionate way.

The music behind gave company to his thoughts,

The rainfall of emotions within him, helped him connect all the dots.

The Warm Hug

Every night, after I cuddle into bed, your warm hug is all that I need,

Your warm touch on my skin in the chilling weather, is all what I plead.

Every winter night, I yearn your comfort, when you are on top of me,

I can’t share you with anyone because you are dearer than the hot tea.

I love when you touch me every chilly night with your soft embrace,

I want to keep you close, and pull you up to my face.

You are my winter love, oh my blanket, you are so warm,

You are hot and cute, and keep the chills away of any form.

The Descent

I rise with the sun to start my day,

But, my fall every night in a different way.

A different ‘Me’ rises when the dusk sets in,

When I enter a darker world to play the dirty game of the skin.

I rise with a pure heart and soul every morning,

Which gets torn to pieces, every night,

When they throw money at me, and my heart is left morning.

But, deep inside I know, what all this is worth,

I have so many responsibilities to handle and pay off life’s debt,

To achieve my dreams at sunrise, I have to step into darkness every sunset.




Poem Series 4!


Will You Remember Me?

When the battle is over, we will soon part ways,

But, I can never forget the times we spent together in those days.

We faced every bomb, and every bullet together,

You have tagged along with me in every battle, in every weather.

You have saved us so many times, and helped us survive.

You have sniffed every danger, and saved so many lives.

Will you remember me, buddy, when the war is over?

Will you miss me in those times, when we might meet never?

I will miss your wet nose, snuggling against my face,

You were our sole entertainer back at the base.

I will miss those paws on my hand, and you licking my injured leg,

I will miss every woof of yours and your every bark,

I will miss the weird conversations we used to have in the dark.

Will you also miss me, my friend, when I am gone?

Because we might never meet again, right after dawn.

A Full Circle

Age is a number, which you cannot hide,

It always keeps rolling, in time and tide.

And, Age is a number, which takes you ahead,

It keeps growing inside you till you are dead.

But, Age is just a number, which cannot stop you,

From dreaming and living, how much ever older your grew.

Yet, Age is a number, which keeps us going,

It teaches us skills to keep our life flowing.

The Cooking Call

I look at the vegetables, and they look back at me,

I keep thinking what to make of them, and they keep smiling at me.

I look at the spices, and they have so many stories to tell,

How hey blend with each other to make aromas and smell.

As I hear the crackling and steams coming out,

I gradually understand what cooking is all about.

When they taste my dish, and gives a pat on the back,

I am assured that I am on the right track.

Now, I love cooking and the touch of raw ingredients,

I love to work with recipes and all the experiments.

I know when it is my cooking call,

Know I enjoy doing this above everything all.

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They All Miss You

Do you remember those pink flowers that I got for you every day?

You used to put them in the metal vase, and put by the side of the doorway.

Do you remember the radio and the first time I brought it home?

How we enjoyed listening to it, when it played ‘The Promise’ by When In Rome.

Do you remember that embroidered tea set, which I got for you?

Which you loved so much, and kept it as almost new?

Do you remember those chocolate pretzels, you made?

You always kept a few aside for me away from the reach of Jade.

Do you remember, my love, the good old days that we spent together?

When we were young, and spent every weather with each other.

We grew old together, but you left me too soon,

I miss you my love, but every afternoon,

I sit on the same chair, with all those things, which reminds me of you,

Only, you are not there beside me,

I look at your picture on the wall, and guess, that you must be missing Us too.






Poem Series 3!


The Wheels of Peace

The wheels of peace are not moving and they are still,

Because, people are busy to destroy and kill.

There is no one to steer the bus,

Everybody thinks someone else will do it, and this creates a fuss.

Love can heal the world and get the bus rolling,

But, people even kill in the name of love and God,

People do not see their real self and that, they are so flawed.

We all want peace, but fighting on who will be the first to board,

No one wants to take the first step, because all are in fear of the sword.

Body and Soul

When you touched my body  with your warm fingers,

My heart of ice melted, and the feeling still lingers.

When you kissed my lips, with your sultry lips,

But, that feeling when you leave, and my heart rips.

When your warm hands caress every inch of my body,

The touch that I can find out, among everybody.

When you hug in my your arms, and sing to me,

I re-discover myself and it sets my soul free.

Every night, I yearn to be with you,

I realized our love as our relationship grew.

But, my fate takes me to different hands every night,

My body is with them, but my soul is in search of light.

But, when I see your face, smiling back at me,

I forget the pain of the life I chose,

Because, with you, I can be me, just ME.

The Awakening

She was born with a fate that she could not deny,

Her stints with happiness were short,

And her encounters with pain, she could not defy.

She wanted the answers to so many questions she had,

What was her fault of being born as a woman?

Why was there so much disparity and why life treated her so bad.

She hoped to find solace in her soul mate’s arms,

But, again luck was betrayed, when he turned out to be unfaithful,

And, she tried in vain, but could not have him with any of her charms.

But, the day, her daughter was born was her rebirth again,

She vowed that her child will have a different fate,

It was her promise as a mother, and her reincarnation as a woman, strengthened by pain.

I Wanted To Be A…

Life is full of different people, and I wanted to play a few,

I wanted to be an actress of the reel life too.

I wanted to touch so many hearts with emotions,

I wanted my stardom to be like a magic potion.

I wanted to express so much through my characters,

I wanted to be famous like all the other actors.

I wanted to travel across the seven seas and to every corner of the world,

I wanted people to know and respect me, as my talents unfurled.

But, every morning, when I wake up from my broken dreams,

I realize that I have come a long way, very far than it really seems.


Poem Series 2!

I Shall Overcome

I had a perfect life, I had whatever I wanted,

But, little I knew that I will soon be hunted.

They took away everything from me, and left me defeated,

I was treated as a pawn and my fate was cheated.

I was about to give up, and accept my defeat,

They left me so weak, that I could not stand on my feet.

Then, a friend helped me to escape my fate,

I decided to take my revenge before it is late.

I knew I had to teach them a lesson,

So, I prepared myself to start on a mission.

I met both friends and foes on my way,

Some wanted to help me out, and some wanted to prey.

But, I was determined to take my final stand,

And, a game of chess helped me to win, as planned.

Finally, I achieved my goal and made justice prevail,

I knew I would win, If Tomorrow Comes.

(Based on If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon)



I left them one day to give my life a direction,

I thought, I needed to move ahead to achieve that perfection.

I walked a long way, all alone, and thought that success was near,

I achieved a lot, applauds and appeases, at the cost of my loved one and dear.

I thought I was the happiest person on Earth at the peak of success,

But, there was no one to share my happiness with and no one to bless.

Gradually, I understood how lonely I am in the journey of life,

My loneliness cut through my achievements like a bleeding knife.

I became richer by laurels and medals, but poorer by relations,

Everything seemed to unreal and full of calculations.

I yearned to go back to those who care; “take me back”, my heart screams,

Because I realized that home is the starting point of love and dreams.

Collaboration Poem

Will no one tell me what she sings?— 

Perhaps the plaintive numbers flow 

For old, unhappy, far-off things, 

And battles long ago;

(The Solitary Reaper by William Wordsworth)

But, it is better if I don’t understand the song,

Because I love the rhythm and I can sing along.

Words might give the tunes a different meaning,

It might be something very sad or demeaning.

It can be emotions of happiness too,

Or some painter describing a beautiful view.

The music was soothing to the ears,

It brings both a smile and also tears.

Let me enjoy the notes without the words,

Mother Nature is enjoying too, and even the birds.

Poem Series 1!

My Journey

As a little girl, I started with a dream,

But, I learned that life is not so easy as it seems.

As a teenager, I learned to take risks,

Sometimes, the stakes were high, and encounters with failure were brisk.

As a professional, I learned to abide by the rules,

I even learnt to deal with the fools, without losing my cool.

As a wife, I knew the meaning of love, care and share,

When we knew each other’s every smile and even every tear.

Then, came the most precious phase of my life,

When I became a mother, while fulfilling my responsibilities of a wife.

Since then, the most beautiful face, kisses and smiles at me every day,

Who makes to live to the fullest, and keeps my pains at bay.

But, there was something always amiss in my heart,

Something which I forgot, but it was within me from the start.

Rediscovering that lost talent in me, I set off on a journey as a writer,

It completes me today, and helps me to see the side of life, which is brighter.

I was wrong

I went to the park with a heavy heart,

Impregnated with the sadness and pains, which were not ready to part.

I sat on the bench with tears in my eyes,

All the beautiful dreams I believed in seemed like lies.

I was to give up on everything in life, and fail,

When someone reminded me that life is a big ocean, where I have to sail.

I saw the leaves fall on the ground and flown by the breeze,

The winds took them, and landed near a little girl’s knee.

She was making a castle in the sand,

The leaves found their place on the tower, and they looked grand.

Suddenly, I saw a little boy crying aloud,

He had fallen off the swing, while trying to follow the clouds.

His mother came and lifted him up from the ground,

And said, life will be full of challenges, but never let your spirits down.

I heard the birds chirping high up on a tree,

They were trying to build a nest, and they had a message for me.

The winds blew away their twigs every time, but they kept trying,

Soon, they succeeded to find the right place after a lot of flying.

I got my lesson for the day,

That never give up, and there will always be a way.

Everybody needs to keep trying, as giving up is the end,

I was wrong to think that I was done,

I got the message to face life, that the universe had sent.


Prompt 1: The Cycle

We all have to live through the circle of time,

Sometimes, enjoying the distortions, and sometimes the rhymes.

Season will some and go, leaves will wither and dry,

But, the caterpillar will eventually become a butterfly.


Prompt 2: Meet

The sea meets the sky at the horizon, but nobody knows where it is,

The shores are nearer to us with lights to guide, which our heart never sees.


Prompt 3:   Same Day

I saw your lovely face among the blossoms in the balcony,

When I was riding on my cycle down the river on a summer day.

Years went by, the cycle is broken, the flowers are new,

The river still flows, the only thing missing is you.

An Abandoned Warehouse!

The doors cackle, and the windows shatter,

The wind makes the curtains mutter.

The stairs creak and the pillars scream,

There is no longer smoke up the chimney or even steam.

No one comes in and no one goes out,

The voices only echo back and no one can hear you shout.

Not even a living soul, a flying bird, a lonely cat or a squeaking mouse,

Still, there are mysteries within ME; I am the abandoned warehouse.

They say no one comes in here, but last night they came,

Two of those bad men and the screaming girl with them.

They say you can never hear a sound from inside,

But, her screams tore me apart when they left her with her hands tied.

They say children should not come near me,

But, last week they came to test their courage and see.

They left their friend, a small little soul all alone,

I did nothing, but he passed away, when the wind tossed a stone.

They say I am good for nothing, and I cannot be used,

But, three days back, they got a man, all beaten and bruised.

One of them pulled the trigger and a shot was fired,

They hid him in a sac, and finished the work for which they were hired.

They say I give them an eerie and spooky feeling,

But, last Sunday, someone had put weird markings on my door and ceiling.

They say I should not be visited in the night,

I guess for once it is true and right.

Because, in the night, they come and light the fire,

Sometimes, they call out to someone, I don’t know in a prayer or chant,

And, sometimes, they enjoy a puff of smoke or coke, and pass out in a trance.

They say I have all the wrong reasons to be in the news,

But, sadly I don’t know any of them or any of their woes.

The mysteries within me are not years and years old,

They just happen in the present, and no secrets that I hold.

I am only made of brick and mortar, and I hardly give a damn,

People out there haunt me, and make me everything that they say I am.

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‘The Woman In Me’ – a poem for Women’s History Month!

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