Forever Yours – Not Just a Love Story!

The Couple who were made for each other

Judy and Aaron were ‘finally married’, after five years of crushes, proposal, heart breaks, break-ups and all possible things that can happen in the relationship of a couple. Even the Gods wondered if they will ever be together. But, yes, they decided they will.

Judy, being a full-time journalist and Aaron, a heart surgeon, their mobiles beeped every second as if it had a heart too. Guests were quite skeptical if they will turn up at the church for the wedding. But, they did.

Judy and her bridesmaid came hurriedly out of the limo. Judy’s fingers were busy messaging something.  Guests were half assured to see her. They rushed inside, because Judy needs to turn on her laptop to reply to a mail.

Everybody in the church gave a sigh of relief, when Aaron made his way inside, talking to someone over the phone. People thanked God, at least they were there, even if they might get married with mobiles in their hand, talking to someone else.

They took the vows and vowed to remain true and loving to each other forever… FOREVER.

A year passed. Whenever they would call family, everybody apprehended it might be the end, but that day never came. They were to happily live ever after.

They even kept a dog and named him FOREVER, just to remind themselves what they mean to each other. They grew older and their love grew stronger. A year passed by. Aaron took up a job in a new multi-specialty hospital, but a bit far from their cozy den. While, Judy chose to pursue her passion in the city with a leading news channel.

They knew what their profession meant to them and they respected that. And one more thing they respected was there LOVE for each other. Though their work took them far apart, they never forgot to celebrate a moment of togetherness. Their love was strong enough to bind them together for years.

The Ritualwhich showed their love for each other

When Aaron took this job, he started a ritual. Aaron had to leave early for work before Judy got up and drive quite a while to reach the hospital. Judy had more flexible working hours. Aaron would come back late, when Judy has already slept off. But, Judy knew when Aaron would come back and so did Forever.

He would wait at the door and give a single bark. Aaron didn’t want to disturb Judy in her sleep so, he would pat Forever on the head and he knows the signal to calm down. He would only calm down if Aaron patted him and no one else. Then, Aaron would quietly move up the stairs, enter the room and get delighted to see the smiling face of his loving wife, sleeping peacefully. He wouldn’t say a word, probably just plant a kiss on her forehead.

Judy mostly didn’t realize when Aaron is back other than the mild signal by Forever, which she could faintly hear in her sleep. She used to be too tired from her traveling job all day and Aaron wasn’t ready to disturb her sleep at all.

Again, he would slip away quietly from the house early morning and ALWAYS leave a ‘Love You’ note with the date and the time he left, for Judy, just beside her, on the bed. Aaron promised that this will ‘change’ as he intended to apply for a ‘change’.

That Daywhich started with a change

That day started as usual, Aaron left early for work,  but something was different. He wanted to surprise her today with a news- ‘his request for shifting to a city hospital branch has been granted’.

He was too happy to break this news to Judy with a bouquet of her favorite flowers- lilies and of course, a glass of their favorite champagne.

He would, generally, come home by 1 am and Forever waited for his pat. That day, he came back too, but a little late… very late, by around 3 am. He pondered why he got so late, when he started early. Damn, it must be the roads and the accident, which created the roadblock.

All, he wanted to do was — sneak in, pat Forever, go upstairs, open the door, kiss Judy and wait by her side till she opened those beautiful eyes and he will break the good news. He had no intention to go to work the next  day, he wanted to celebrate.

Luckily, he did all of that, it was just PERFECT. Judy slept assured that Aaron was back when she heard the faint bark. She wondered if it was a bit late than usual, but at least, he was back. Judy also felt the faint  kiss on her cheeks. Somehow, she knew something ‘new and exciting’ is going to happen in her life; she expected a change.

The News- which shattered their lives

It was 3.30 a.m. and her phone rang, breaking the silence of the moment and also her sweet imagination. It was an unknown number, she became skeptical. But, then she thought might be some unknown lead for her new story.

She picked it up and for the next one minute, she froze, she was perplexed, she was awestruck, a chill ran down her spine. She changed instantly- from a WIFE to a WIDOW.

The police was calling- Aaron had met with an accident, a road-rail had hit his car. They took a while to figure out his identity as the body was completely unrecognizable and totally burnt due to the explosion, when the car hit the ditch, at the side of the road.

Judy was so happy the moment before that the news seemed fake and she still had a smiling face. Was Aaron playing a prank? Has he planned something exciting?

Tears were still stuck at the brim of her eyes as if waiting for a confirmation to roll down.

The man on the other side kept asking when she can come, where to come, etc., none of which was registered in her mind.

When she could finally manage to come back to reality, she asked, “When did this happen?”

The policeman said, “Mam, the accident happened at 2.30 am in the morning and he died instantly.”

The words made Judy’s face turn white, the receiver dropped to the ground, the voices coming out of it faded; she touched her cheek.

She saw the ‘Love Note’ from Aaron dated today and the time written was 3.05 am. She turned paler, her eyes met those of Forever, sitting near the door. They both had a weird look of fright and pain, blended together. She knew that both of them had the same experience. They were SPOOKED!

The Lovewhich lived forever

Judy will never forget Aaron’s love for her and his last kiss; it felt so real.

Aaron would never forget not to disturb Judy in her sleep, even if it was for the last time. His did the ritual.

Forever will never forget the pale, white figure with blood-red eyes and blood-stained clothes, who entered the house that night and patted him. It felt so familiar.

Aaron’s soul came back for her, even after departing from the Earth. He kept his vows.

They will happily live ever after, FOREVER. Or NEVER again.

This is horrifying, but probably a ‘loving’ one. A short horror story for all the readers.

Did you get a goose-bump? Please share your feedback and thoughts.


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14 thoughts on “Forever Yours – Not Just a Love Story!

  1. I often wonder that such love exists in this world which is for forever. BUt definitely reading such a love story keeps your hope alive. Love is there in this world. Reading such things are always a pleasure. one more things though it was not a good ending coz she lost him , but still love kept him alive. This is what makes this story more beautiful.

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