Me, Myself and Lodgy!

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” – Confucius

Well, in the Indian context, travelling with your heart is just not enough. And, when you have kids, it is like travelling with your entire house. You just can’t decide what to carry along and what to leave behind.

Not that, I am a very fussy traveler in terms of places, accommodation and sightseeing, but I tend to get a jittery if I don’t use my brand of shampoo, while washing my hair, even during my stay in a 5-star hotel. Well, you must be thinking, why can’t I manage for a day or two? And the answer is I really don’t know why. I am kind of tuned like that. So, you can imagine, I wouldn’t mind travelling with my entire household, but relax I don’t.

BIG enough!

But, I wish, my heart was big enough to carry all the things I want to carry with me. Wait a second, it is not just about me. My loving hubby can’t do with his shaving kit and accessories, his favourite 3 to 4 pairs of shorts and of course his i-accessories; then comes my toddlers, whose luggage is more specific and bulkier, and of course our pet, Tuborg, who needs his own space- in the car, all along the journey. We generally take him along when going for day trips or visiting a friend’s farmhouse. We keep each other company.

Considering space that I need during my travel, the new Renault Lodgy is just apt for the family. The 7 and 8 seat configuration, which is flexible and unique can accommodate all out travel accessories, my toddlers with all her gadgets by her side and Tuborg has his own own- he will just be elated.

The 60:40 split in the 2nd row and 50:50 split in the 3rd row seats makes it comfortable with tumble fold and reclining features. The leather seats are comfortable to sit, relax and enjoy the journey, the view and the casual naps.

The luggage can also be properly tucked in the boot space, including some sports equipments, my hubby loves to carry. I even  intend to carry my toddlers inflated floaters, which she loves while taking a plunge in the pool. The different holders are apt for placing bottles, cups, maps, etc. Basically, enough space to satisfy my requirement to carry necessary things for my trip. There is quite a bit of space in the upper glove compartment too.

My Dil goes Mmmm!

As Confucius, ‘go with all your heart’; so that’s one of the most important things I carry along- my dil as in my heart. My heart is a silly, little wanderer, who just wants to break free from everyday hassle and stress, when going out for a trip with the family. And, what better way to rejuvenate your heart than some soothing music. Well, music is a very important thing in a journey. Though, there might be 4 different people in the car with different tastes, but everybody enjoys the tunes of a fun-filled journey with the same smile and glee. We have our own family remix CDs or playlists, which caters to everybody in the car and I make sure, the latest tracks are added before we leave.

The MediaNAV system in the new Renault Lodgy is just perfect for this. The attractive multi-functional console with Bluetooth and USB-enabled features also help in navigation and parking. The sleek touchpad screen helps you to switch and choose mode, music, maps and everything easily, even when your eyes are dreaming with a classic, romantic number. The video console helps as a great parking and safety assist.

The most important Cell!

I just can’t do without my mobile phone. Even when we are out for a trip, we need our own ‘mobile breaks’– for checking mails, social media, call, taking pictures, playing games, listening to rhymes and so on. Ooops, the last one is for my toddler. Admit it or not, gadgets have somehow become an integral part of our life. Though I am not an addict, but I can hardly imagine a minute without my phone. He He. And, a constant charging station is very important when you are driving a long way.

The holders near every seat is just apt to keep my phone within my reach. It is also good to keep the handycam ‘handy’ in case, I am carrying one for quick pictures of the Nature outside. The Intuitive audio and phone controls also help to control the volume when my baby is sleeping or I need a quieter moment in the car. The holders are also apt to tuck in your unfinished book or the latest Top Gear (my hubby can finish in the wink of an eye, if I am driving).

The 12 volt charging sockets for each row makes it easy to put multiple gadgets in charge (of course, if very important else switching off a device or two is not a bad idea to relish the journey in the Lodgy).

Have a safe journey!

My hubby says I am a control-freak. No, I am not. I am probably the greatest control-freak. Well, at times, I guess you better with one. It is always better to be safe than sorry. I tend to keep a strict check on my hubby’s speeding limits and adventurous turns, especially with a toddler in the car. Yes, I carry my ‘control-freak mind’, wherever I go.

As the mad-ad world says, ‘the roads are filled with idiots’, I strongly believe in the notion. You never know when a speeding human or a wandering cow might appear out of nowhere on the highway and you might have a split second to react. Travelling in a car which is sturdy and equipped with optimum safety features is quite a necessity on the Indian roads.

The new Renault Lodgy gauges the gap between my concern and actual safety norms. It surely lowers the level of continuous scrutiny. The Cruise Control and the Speec Limiter are great features for the driver to be able to relax at times. The height adjustable seat belts will help me to make comfortable adjusts for my toddler and Tuborg too. The defogger and rear wipers are helpful during the night travel. The headlights have been designed both for style and safety. The outer grill is strong and tenacious. The open door warning and central, keyless locking is also great for an unmindful driver.

But, the two most important safety features- that is the air bag system and the ABS control will ensure minimum damage and prevent injury. These are must-have features in an SUV for the accident-prone roads of the country.

Make your mark!

Finally, my carry my ‘mark’ as in my style statement just like the new Renault Lodgy. I wouldn’t mind a few eyebrows raised in awe and envy. I love  carrying my favourite Guccis, Nina Ricci, Jimmy Choo and others. Not that I am a brand freak, but kind of addicted to those, which help me ‘make my mark’.

The stylish design, sleek body lines, top rails, elegant headlights and tail lamp are surely to die for. The interiors with two-tone dashboard, side doors, interior finish and exterior panache will surely make a mark wherever the wheels take you. The powerful engine with high performance and road presence is always an eye-catcher (just like me, joking). I guess, me and Lodgy will surely make a stylish pair. Class and charm – woman and machine to make the mark.

Let’s rule with roads with the new Renault Lodgy:

Lodgy, Lodgy, you are not just a car,

You are like a friend, who takes us near and far

Be it the rain or be it the sun,

You make us say, Let’s go and have some FUN.


“I’m participating in the #LiveLodgycal contest with Renault in association with BlogAdda to get a chance to be a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa.”                        


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