Watch What You Throw!

I picked up a chocolate wrapper, but it was empty,

I picked up a blank cheque, but it was torn,

I picked up one show, but it had no sole,

I even picked up a beautiful dress, but with too many holes;

I picked up a newspaper, but it had stale food with worms,

I picked but a birthday card, but it only had the smell of cake,

I picked up an old sweater, with no sleeves at all,

I even picked up a tiny doll, but its head would always fall.

I picked up a broken can, but it only gave me a cut,

I picked up a glass with a straw, but there was nothing inside to draw,

I picked up a letter from a lover, but it was stained with blood,

I picked up a coloring book, with no empty space left,

And a beautiful vase, but it had no base to be kept.

I picked up so many things, from morning till night,

Some were colored, some were plain or only black and or white,

I picked up someone’s  memories, or someone’s pain,

I picked up things that were unwanted piece of trash,

I even picked up things that were already turned to ashes.

I wish I ever picked up something that was ‘full’,

I will always wish, but I know I was such a fool.

Why would someone throw away something that was ‘full’?

And, God always made me understand that it was not in His rule.

One day, I picked up a bottle, and thank God, it had something in it,

I could not read the label, but the thing inside moved a bit.

After the long day’s work, I decided to keep it with me,

I thought God might have finally sent me something and I was excited to see.

For the first time, I found something, which was not empty,

It was not full, but for me it was plenty,

I opened the bottle and the smell filled the room,

I decided to take a sip and that was my doom.

I never knew the label read POISON, I had not reason to doubt,

My throat started to dry, my breath choked and I wanted to shout.

But, after sometime, I lay there motionless,

Guess, God has finally sent me the message of my fulfill-ness.

They ‘picked up’ my lifeless body like a rag,

The story of my life remains as ‘empty’ as those things in my bag.

A message to all: Watch what you throw away- anytime, anywhere and anyhow!


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This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.



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